Venom: Let There Be Carnage Through the critic Eye
Venom: Let There Be Carnage Through the critic Eye
Venom: Let There Be Carnage Through the critic Eye
Venom: Let There Be Carnage Through the Critic Eye | 2021                                                                                    Sony Pictures Entertainment

Venom: Let There Be Carnage Critic Reviews

Sometimes the weird, odd couple can’t be able to rock, This sequel of 2018 Venom is a very mean and character-driven kind of superhero plot… It is more of humor glimpses of Eddie and to be dangerous symbiote acting as life in couple, Venom and Eddie living in the same house, and Venom is cooking breakfast for Eddie, and they too have their baby chickens.

At first, it seems to be dinner of Venom, but later on, that weird name them Sonny and Cher, and they become a part of this dysfunctional, family and they all started living together… 

And even after that, the story plot doesn’t stop to shock us this extravagant idiotic story retaken a weird Turn when these two chickens fall in love with Eddie’s ex-girlfriend ex-girlfriend

Anne; Michelle Williams, She is now engaged to Dan; Reid Scott… By the time when Eddie and Venom fought with each other, the scene of Venom dancing in the rave costume party is another example of the height of Oddness of this showdown.

Venom: let There Be Carnage is only about 90 minutes, so it acts like a mad truck with an unusual plot… It is a bold, brisk story plot of a superhero, And this story is very different from the other films of the same genre… The movie is of a small Run, but it is not that good to be tolerated long enough.

This story is very breezy; many of the scenes show the Mischanced opportunity for the actors and of cashing this chance in overacting too… Apart from the act, the weirdest thing about this movie, that is getting mixed reviews or reactions is the love story of Venom and Eddie Brock… Andy Serkis; the director, directed the wrong way to the characters this time.

Please, Gays, stay away from this film, This one should be boycotted this time. This film is terrible in many ways, whether in terms of acting on, the story plot, or the timing is only ruining the original Venom’s reputation…It is a forgettable movie, and if someone remembers it, then only because of its “worst movie” title, It is the total waste ever made by Tom Hardy.

It is one movie that should be shunned ever made by Woody, And it is the black spot to 2021 filming history… Hardy wrote this super story, And this makes me think that he should never be left alone with a pen and paper in his hand… In short, everything in this movie is made or created to waste our time, the film is unworthy to be seen, and it can’t be taken even as an option…you have read the review, 

That’s all for now…Few lasting details about this installment of Venom, This one is an action film focusing on superheroes and Supervillain. it is starring ‘Tom Hardy’ and ‘Michelle Williams’, 

This movie is directed by ‘Andy Serkis,’ and it Runs for 90 minutes only It went on to theatres from October 1…But it is a total waste this time. 

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Venom: Let There Be Carnage Through the Critic Eye | 2021


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