Venom Let There Be Carnage Latest Updates | 2021
Venom Let There Be Carnage Latest Updates | 2021

Venom Let There Be Carnage

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The overview of the movie:

   After finding one host in the “Venom”- the original movie, is Eddie Brock; this time in Venom 2, we will have to see that the symbiote of an alien will face new challenges in the form of a new enemy, which will be “Carnage,” that is, the Alter ego of a dangerous serial killer greatest “Cletus Kasady”. It is the further story of the past venom 2018 film, This movie is already very famous amongst its fans because “venom,” Which was released in 2018, has gained so much love and success and gathered many fans too.

Fans are expecting a lot from the movie after its trailer release. It is directed by “Andy Serkis” and the go-to “Kelly marcel,” Venom 2 is another trick to get the famous Marvel Monster right back, and this will be a promising showdown between the character of Hardy’ Eddie Brock, and the character of Woody’That is “Carnage”.

Is one from the list of affected movies related to pandemic cause delays, This one will be streamed on September 20, 21, which is changed to October 2021…fans are very excited to see what’s going on between Eddie and Venom after the journalist Eddie decided to take care of Venom and started living with him in the same house. The first impression of the trailer it’s not that promising. The showcase will be a charmer because of the consistently running story plot.

Some knowledge collected from its trailer:

The trailer took back to San Francisco, where the actual Venom lives, Again the showcasing of the gorgeous panoramic landscape of San Francisco same over the bridge. ‘Bay Bridge’

once again. The sequel will have the exact locations and the same Superhero and supervillain theme. The latest story plot of Eddie Brock and the Venom is shot between ‘Leavesden studios in the UK and on the locations of San Francisco’s bay.

There Will be a little bit of comedy also; make some rules for Venom, as they are the flatmates now, 

Some kinds of roommate rules involving;

  • Who will wash the clothes?
  • It’s not fair that Venom is cooking in the trailer. 
  • Eddie Brooke is very strict when it’s about his rules for Venom on eating people.

The trailer shows the growing immense trust and the selfless bonding of Eddie and the Venom, as they are now co-existing in Eddie’s house. Andy Serkis has already confirmed that the movie will start after the 18 months from where the first movie ended; eighteen months have passed Between venom 1 and 2. The most Comic scene from the trailer is when the symbiote pal is making breakfast for his flat partner. Eddie also has some chickens and hens roaming freely in the house, which is soon served as Venom’s dinner.

The trailer shows another twist, “Cletus Kasady.” Enters, he is a severe, dangerous killer who wants to give his interview only to Eddie Brooke. The meeting scene of Venom and the soon-to-be carnage is very Interesting to watch, and that scene also hints at the story plot of the movie. The next scene is with a store owner and Eddie. This time Mrs. Chen is not very surprised to see Eddie as Venom Because she already knew the reality.

Venom Let There Be Carnage Latest Updates | 2021
Venom Let There Be Carnage Latest Updates | 2021

It is the same store where once Eddie used his venom powers to rescued the store from the thugs in the “venom” Movie.

This screen is showing that now, Venom is having a familiar neighborhood also. Maybe or may not, Stanley lee will be part of this show, but at the storehouse, some magazines and venom tentacles are pointing to her pre-existence.

 This movie will be the further version of the post-credit scene of Venom, the original film. This time as journalist Eddie is Investigating Kasady 

It is exciting and will take us on a new ride, to the world having war between the good and bad… 

Venom Let There Be Carnage Behind the scenes facts from this movie:

  • Venom 2: Andy Serkis, Compare Venom to Gollum in a new feature, 
  • Ruben Fleischer is not returning, just as he chose, 
  • The trailer is showing a disturbing carnage, and more will be showing buddies comedies this time, 

The title of the film is- Venom- let there be carnage And the decided release month is on- October In Year-2021 by Sony Picture Releasing.


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