Turning Red Robaire: It is an American computer-animated fantasy comedy movie that was released on March 11, 2022. The movie Turning Red is directed by Domee Shi and produced by Lindsey Collins. The story of Turning Red is written by Domee Shi, Julia Cho, and Sarah Streicher.

Turning Red is rated PG for the content shown in the movie.

More About Turning Red

The movie follows a young energetic, always excited girl named Mei and covers everything from her day-to-day life. In this movie, Mei’s mother is seen quite overprotective overbearing of Mei and wanted to give everything best to her daughter. Ming never had good relations with her own mother and she is quite worried about her bond with Mei.

Mei is living a good life until one day when she found herself turned into a big red panda. Seeing herself like this is not less than a shock to her but her parents did a great job to calm her down. They told Mei about the actual reason for Mei’s transformation and why it is happening to Mie. Mei’s father told her that her ancestors got this power to fight evil and to protect themselves and their families.

Turning Red Robaire

In the movie Turning Red, Robaire is one of the members of the 4*Town band. It is a fictional band developed only for the movie. Mei is quite obsessed with the 4*Town band and wanted to attend their concert at any cost.

She is all set to attend their coming concert. However, nothing turned out as planned as she can now turn into a panda if excited. Her parents did not want her to go in the convert as it is quite obvious that Mei will definitely get excited seeing 4*Town live.

Turning Red Robaire | 2022
Turning Red Robaire | 2022

Turning Red Robaire Voice Actor

The Character of Robaire is voiced by Jordan Fisher. His full name is Jordan William Fisher. He is an African-American actor, singer, and dancer. Jordan is known for his role as Seacat in Teen Beach Movie.

Turning Red Robaire Age

As mentioned above, Robaire is voiced by Jordan Fisher. Jordan was born on April 24, 1994, and currently, he is 27 years old. Jordan was born in Birmingham, Alabama. Jordan started appearing in television shows from a very young age.

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