Top gun maverick soundtrack
Top gun maverick soundtrack

Top Gun maverick is the soundtrack to the 2022 action film. Top gun maverick soundtrack by Lorne Balfe, Harold Faltermeyer, Lady Gaga, and Hans Zimmer. May 2022 witnessed the release of one of the best sequels to a beloved classic movie. Top Gun Maverick has now surpassed Avengers Infinity War to become one of the highest-grossing movies in America.

It is a sequel to one of the most revered classics of all time ‘Top Gun’ which is said to have set the stage for the then and now with protagonist Pete ‘Maverick,’ Mitchell played by Tom Cruise.  Top Gun Maverick has received MPA PG1-13 ratings.

The top gun maverick soundtrack is filled with many classics from its prequel as they roped in the same music composer, Harold Faltermeyer, who along with Hans Zimmer injects new energy into the soundtrack.

Top gun maverick soundtrack

                                       TITLE             ARTIST           DURATION
  You’ve Been Called Back to Top Gun        Harold Faltermeyer                  2:30
  Danger Zone          Kenny Loggins                  3:36
  Darkstar                      _                  3:01
  Great Balls of Fire – Live           Miles Teller                  1:55
  You’re Where You Belong/Give ‘Em Hell           Lady Gaga                  5:46
  I Ain’t Worried          OneRepublic                  2:28
  Dagger One Is Hit/Time to Let Go          Lorne Balfe                  5:06
  Tally Two/What’s the Plan/F-14         Hans Zimmer                  5:06
  The Man, the Legend/TouchDown                      Harold               Faltermeyer                  3:54
  Penny Returns(interlude)           Lorne Balfe                  2:47
  Hold My Hand            Lady Gaga                  3:45
  Top Gun Anthem

                     Harold             Faltermeyer



Top gun maverick has crossed the 1 billion USD mark across the globe, earning 623 million USD in the US only. Currently, it is the highest-grossing movie of 2022. With its Blu-ray and OTT version slated to come out soon, it will continue to do more earnings.

Top gun maverick made by Tom Cruise into a world star, a pronoun he enjoys to date. He has since then been the leading star in the galaxy of high-grossing movies.

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