Top 5 Best Body-Positive Movies to watch on Netflix with your partner
Top 5 Best Body-Positive Movies to watch on Netflix with your partner

Body-Positive Movies: Here is the list of the Top 5 Best Body-Positive Movies to watch on Netflix with your partner that gives vibes to live your life in the way you want it to no matter what your body looks like just go for it.

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Using these resources will provide you with reviews of different platforms and eventually will give you every chance of finding a partner! To inspire you during your quest, how about suggestions for body-positive Netflix movies you could watch once you get acquainted?

Top 5 Best Body-Positive Movies to watch on Netflix with your partner
Top 5 Best Body-Positive Movies to watch on Netflix with your partner

I Feel Pretty

I feel is one of the best Body-Positive Movies, Starring curvy US actress Amy Schumer, this comedy is well worth a watch on Netflix. She plays Renee, a woman who suffers from low self-esteem because of her feelings of inadequacy.

After suffering a fall that knocks her unconscious, she wakes up to find that although she looks the same as she has always done, she now believes in herself.

Among the many laughs, this movie packs a considerable body-positive punch. Sometimes all that it takes to break free of the shackles of insecurity is an inner voice that insists you are a wonderful person. When it comes to being judged, it’s a society in general that needs to change.

Isn’t it Romantic

This romcom stars one of the poster girls for plus-size individuals – Australian comic Rebel Wilson. The twist here is that unlike most central protagonists in romantic comedies, her character, an architect named Natalie, has developed an aversion to romance in the movies.

In a similar plotline to the Amy Schumer film, she is rendered unconscious, only this time after falling victim to a mugging. Upon revival, she discovers herself immersed in a weird parallel universe where everything unfolds like some stereotypical rom-com.

There follow many of the tropes she once derided, but which she now understands to be crucial to making the most of her life.

Thunder Force

This is a charming comedy that takes the traditional notion of American superheroes – a square-jawed, broad-shouldered cape-wearing masculine hunk (along the lines of Batman, Superman, and so many others) and replaces the main protagonists with strong, plus-sized women.

Starring wonderfully confident Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer, the titular Thunder Force is formed after cosmic rays have granted superpowers to sociopaths, spawning the Miscreants (basically, nasty supervillains). Experimenting with serums, the twin ‘goodies’ decide to channel their powers towards thwarting their powerful nemeses.

Co-starring a stellar cast that includes Jason Bateman, Kevin Dunn, and Bobby Cannavale, this is a thoroughly entertaining twist on the usual superhero fare.

Last Holiday

Stunning black Queen Latifah stars in this drama/rom-com, loosely based on a British film of the same name from the more sedate 1950s.

Originally penned with oversized actor John Candy in mind, when that superb comic actor passed prematurely, the studio introduced Queen Latifah to the role – with exceptional results. It’s now hard to imagine anyone other than this talented performer in the role.

She plays Georgia, an introverted employee in a New Orleans department store, who jots down her imaginary ‘better life in a scrapbook, including fabulous meals she’ll never try. Diagnosed with a terminal condition, she decides to make the most of her remaining time living life to the full.

Fun Mom Dinner

The moms in question are four average-looking friends, including fabulously curvaceous Melanie (Bridget Everett) and Toni Collette.

Throwing caution to the wind, the foursome decides to break away from their somewhat dreary and routine suburban moms’ existence to live a little. Escaping the rut of child-rearing and placating partners who never appreciate them, they embark on a riotous night of entertainment on their terms. Official Website: Netflix)

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