ToEM Game Price, Review, Gameplay, Age Rating %currentyear%
ToEM Game Price, Review, Gameplay, Age Rating %currentyear%

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Developer Something We Made
Publisher Something We Made
Mode Singleplayer
Genre  Adventure, Puzzle, Exploration, Photoshop
Languages Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, English
Released on 17 September 2021
Platforms Nintendo Switch, macOS, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems, PlayStation 5


All about a new entitled “TOEM Game”

This game is set off with a delightful expedition, and the use of a photographic eye is also perfect. This latest game is for magic and mystery lovers, and you have to use the tricks in the game to unlock the wonders of the magical TOTEM. It is a hand-drawn game of Adventure, where you chat with the quirky characters, and in This, you have to solve their problems by snapping the clean photos and making your steps ahead to the relaxing landscapes in the final stages.

TOEM Game Age Rating And Parents Guide

ESRB– Rated TOEM game as E means it is for Everyone. No rating issues are there with this game. Every age group can enjoy this game.

This is a strategy game, based on the TV show iCarly, in which players stage a telethon to collect socks. Players must manage their time effectively while arranging performers, turning on spotlights, and washing socks. 

TOEM Game System Requirements

  • It Requires a 64-bit processor and a windows 7 to 10 Operating system.

About the gameplay

This game is entirely created around the photo mode. It is a single-player game. There is a New Pokemon snap also to make it more fun. You can zoom the camera and take your selfies while playing the game. It supports steam achievements and full controller support.

This game begins, and you are given a camera, having some essential functions, and you can zoom the screen and take selfies with it, And then your journey to the top of the mountain, and you have to photograph something that is called as TOEM, This camera travels with you to different towns and cities. As your representative in this game.

The location of the totem is only be revealed when you help some local and earn Stamps on a bus pass, This is to a simple mechanics of stepping to snap a photo, The tripod and horn are well suited in TOEM’s towns, There are lots of sweet movements to be seen in the concise world. 

Price of the game

The game’s price varies from one PlayStation to another, is $19

Review of the game

This game got generally positive reviews, and far away from negative reviews this game is suitable for all audiences, everyone, its cute characters make it fun, and it’s a short, simple game that makes it more beautiful.

It ranked 70/100 by Metascore, 90 by Gaming Bible, 83 by player 2,80 by switch player, and 70 by EuroGamer. This is a small game to be called TOEM.

There is shortness in, promise, a young protagonist, there are lots of awestruck vaguer, this flock is showing full of Rushed Business. There is a dense forest with, a hotel name Woodland, there is a beach and storm wept coastlines. A snowy mountain is also there. Initial camera functions are very simple, and it doesn’t gamify the photos. TOEM is a very simple kind of photo game. Only its simplicity can be disadvantaging.

TOEM Game Official Trailer

YouTube video player

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