'Thor: Love & Thunder' Trailer explained
'Thor: Love & Thunder' Trailer explained

It’s been a time since the first trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder arrived and there is no other MCU movie standing in the way. The movie’s director Taika Waititi announce on social media about the new trailer.

In the new portion, Thor played by Chris Hemsworth’s attempt at retirement is disturbed by the arrival of a galactic killer.

The new trailer starts with Korg who tells the story of Thor Odinson only to be cut in when he realizes there is more than one God of Thunder in town.

New Trailer Reveals New Adventure

The Mighty Thor herself, Jane Foster. Thor is stumble from the sudden arrival of his old flame, but he doesn’t have time to linger on the feels that are definitely still there. The two of them with Valkyrie face a new threat on the horizon, with Gorr.

The God Butcher who is determined that all the gods must die for their selfishness. The adventure takes them to worlds we have yet to see, and even brings them face to face with Zeus played by Russell Crowe.

In Thor: Love and Thunder Waititi is returning to direction after the filmmaker’s shift . Thor: Ragnarok was received as a fun, light, and colorful adventure that attract fans and managed to gross over $850 million worldwide.

The movie is the 29th entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe,. Portman  debut as Mighty Thor is already a major shift in the MCU. The multiverse has opened all possibilities in the super-hero world that there is even a chance that Jane Foster hails from another universe.

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