The Witcher Game Poster, Wallpaper, and Image
The Witcher Game Poster, Wallpaper, and Image

The Witcher Game Parents Guide

The Witcher (Wiedźmin) is an action role-playing game developed by CD Projekt Red and published by Atari. It is directed by Jacek Brzeziński and produced by Maciej Miąsik.

It is based on the novel series of The Witcher by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, taking place after the events of the main saga. The story takes place in a medieval fantasy world and follows Geralt of Rivia.

The Witcher Game Age Rating

The Witcher is rated M for Strong Violence, Blood Content, Nudity, and Sexual References.

In fact, the age rating, fixed by PEGI for UK citizens and ESRB for the US Continent. PEGI rated The Witcher as 18 and ESRB rated the same as M.

However, The Witcher is rated MA15+ in Australia, 18 in Germany, R16 in New Zealand, ADV in Singapore, 18 in the United Kingdom, M in the United States.

Moreover, the PEGI rating is based on the physical content of the game and not on the players’ condition or their abuse usage online.

The Witcher Game Parents Guide

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Strong Violence, fighting scenes can get pretty violent, it is possible to slit enemy throats.
Strong Nudity, some of the characters in the game are clearly shown full frontal nude.
It is possible for Geralt to have sex with various female characters throughout the game.
The game can get very gory, the blood looks realistic, but it can be turned off.
Alcohol Content, drinking is very common in the game.
Strong Profanity, words used, “Fu*k”, “Pus*y”, “Bit*h”, “Sl*t”.


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Official Poster and Details

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The Witcher Parents Guide
The Witcher Parents Guide

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Game Name The Witcher
Genre Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Age Rating  ESRB- M

PEGI- 18

Developed by CD Projekt Red
Platforms Microsoft Windows, OS X
Official Website The Witcher


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Note! If you already played the game, please inform us about the parental guidance here with your support, we can bring out a better vision to everyone.

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Game The Witcher Gameplay

In this game, there are three camera styles available in two isometric perspectives, where the mouse is used to control most functions, and an over-the-shoulder view, which brings the player closer to the in-game combat while limiting vision.

In all three views, the controls can be changed to be primarily mouse-focused or a combined keyboard and mouse approach. Players can choose one of three fighting styles to use in different situations and against different foes.

The fast style allows for more rapid, less-damaging attacks with a higher chance of hitting faster enemies the strong style deals more damage in exchange for a slow attack speed, and a lower chance to hit faster enemies.

The Witcher Wallpaper and Image

The Witcher Game Poster, Wallpaper, and Image
The Witcher Game Poster, Wallpaper, and Image

The Witcher Official trailer

The Witcher - Official Trailer

The Witcher Characters Voice Cast

  • Doug Cockle as Geralt of Rivia
  • Jacek Rozenek as Geralt of Rivia
  • Adam Bauman as King Foltest
  • Alison Dowling
  • Adam Cywka as Yaevinn
  • Andrew Wincott as Jacques de Aldersberg
  • Arlene Decker as Courtesan
  • Agata Kulesza as Abigail
  • Agnieszka Kunikowska as Triss Merigold
  • William Roberts as Vesemir
  • Andrzej Blumenfeld as Jacques de Aldersberg
  • Brian Bowles as Declan Leuvaarden
  • Emma Tate as Alina
  • Anna Ulas as White Rayla
  • Ian Drysdale as Mercenary Leader
  • Blazej Wójcik as Berengar
  • Jay Simon as Yaevinn
  • Bozena Stachura as Toruviel
  • Jeff Harding as Vincent Meis
  • Brygida Turowska as Nurse
  • Elzbieta Kopocinska-Bednarek as Noblewoman
  • Jennifer Woodward as Shani
  • John Bull as Golan Vivaldi
  • Elzbieta Jedrzejewska as Blue Eyes
  • Jules de Jongh as Triss Merigold
  • Laurence Bouvard as Vesna Hood
  • Lindsey Mack as Ori Reuven
  • Benjamin Lewandowski as Alvin

The Witcher Game Price

The cost of game The Witcher is $19.99 on Amazon.

The Witcher Game Age Rating and​ The Witcher Game Parents Guide

Know about​ The Witcher age rating and parental guidance here. In fact, the age rating is fixed by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) and PEGI (Pan European Game Information).

Stay tuned to get more updates on the age rating of all Netflix TV Series, TV shows, books, and games. Finally, any suggestions are always welcomed.

Also, please make use of the comment box for your reviews. We are always providing the complete details on age rating for kids, We will make the easy and best way for your kids.


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