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The Wife Upstairs By Rachel Hawkins is one of the Most Anticipated Books of 2021. This book is full of Mystery and Suspense that anyone can find interesting. The twist Upstairs is published by St. Martin’s Press on January 15th, 2021.

Rachel Hawkins is the famous author of Hex Hall, a best-selling trilogy of young adult paranormal romance novels. She is from Dothan, Alabama. The Wife Upstairs By Rachel Hawkins consists of a delectable twist on a mysterious classic, The Wife Upstairs has Southern charm with atmospheric domestic suspense.

We will suggest age rating 14 and up for this novel as it may be unsuitable for young age as it consists of some violence and suspense and thrill that may be not easy to understand by kids.

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The Wife Upstairs Parents Guide | Age Rating | 2021
The Wife Upstairs Parents Guide | Age Rating | 2021

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Book Name The Wife Upstairs 
Author Rachel Hawkins
Genre Thriller and Mystery
Publisher St. Martin’s Press
Language English
ISBN 1250245494
Date of Publication January 5th 2021
No. of Page 304


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The Wife Upstairs Summary

Jane is a former foster kid and guarded, calculating, and resentful of the rich people she use to work for, she was financially struggling and works as a dog walker, but has rich clients surrounding Thornfield Estates. Shortly she meets a rich smart hunk Edward “Eddie” Rocher, who lives in the same place at Thornfield Estate, and very soon Jane and Eddie started dating. After a couple of months, they get intimate and sleep together and after 2 weeks they got engaged.

Eddie was already married and his wife Bea has been considered dead for the last six months. Bea was found dead in a boating accident with her friend, Blanche. At that time Eddie and Bea were just a married couple only for some little time prior to this accident. Bea and Eddie met on a vacation a year ago and got quickly engaged and married soon after.

However, the climax of the book strikes here as Bea was not dead actually. She has been locked in the panic room of their home, where she wrote her side of the story that how Eddie killed her childhood best friend Blanche at midnight after joining them. And she found herself locked in a panic room on the third floor of their house after waking up the next day. Eddie time to time provides her food and while doing this Bea secretly puts her journal in Eddie’s pocket in a hope that Jane gets that and saves her.

The relationship between Bea and Blanche was quite complicated. Bea’s mother was an alcoholic on other hand her father was abusive. They both met in their school time in boarding school. And then they got separated after school and finally when they reunited their relationship got changed positively.

Bea was now rich and successful and it turn competitive but Bea always put Blanche as her priority. After Bea meets Eddie, Blanche comes on to Eddie, and Bea sleeps with Blanche’s husband Tripp to get back at them (though it’s later uncovered that Eddie actually rejected Blanche’s advances).

Back to the story, Blanche’s dead body is finally found in the lake, and Tripp got arrested for her murder. On another side, Jane hears some awkward noises in her house (which was Bea). She shares this thing with Eddie, who was acting strangely. Tripp insists Jane meet him and told her that he was not the one who has done the crime, it’s her husband and tries to convenience her that he is not the murderer.

After this Jane came back to her house searches for some evidence against Eddie, and finally found Bea’s journal and to the next moment rush to the third floor to release Bea. However, Eddie arrived on the spot but Jane hit him so hard that he left with blood and broken teeth.

Now another twist of the book strikes here now story switches to Eddie’s perspective. Eddie recalls the things that Blanche shared with him after he rejected to sleep with her. Blanche reveals that Bea killed her own mother just she embarrassed her at a southern Manor’ event. Eddie totally denied believing her until he saw Bea killing Blanche. He found Bea at the lake on the night Blanche was killed and found Bea realized what she has done, he Loved Bea so much and still loves her he got out of action at the moment and locked up Bea in the Panic room.

In the present day, Eddie and Jane were stuck together in the panic room and Bea went downstairs. Jane found something is wrong with Bea’s story but from nowhere Fire alarm goes off the one who started the fire is Eddie to get out of the situation, he was knowing that Bea will surely come to save him. Bea rushes into the fire and on the spot, Jane runs away.

Shortly police arrived on the spot and found some teeth of Eddie that were broken by Jane and considered him dead. Shortly, Jane comes to know that Eddie changed his will and left his all property and assets in her name. Now Jane is Wealthy and imagined that Bea and Eddie survived the fire and are now together.

The Wife Upstairs Characters

  • Jane: a dog-walker who is struggling financially.
  • Edward “Eddie” Rochester: a rich handsome hunk.
  • Bea: Eddie’s ex-wife.
  • Blanche Ingraham: Bea’s childhood best friend.

The Wife Upstairs Review 

This book The Wife Upstairs By Rachel Hawkins is considered to be a thriller and mystery and it went true so far but as the title of the book is quite exciting, I expected more about the wife upstairs but it was not that bad actually I found many twists in the story which are still to figure out and of course the mysteries so many mysteries that are still untangled.

This book consists of many accounts of violence like the murder of 2 people is considered and domestic violence, a woman is locked in a panic room for a long, a woman attacked a man so hard who left with blood and broken teeth, and many more.

Nevertheless, the book is full of suspense that adults will find interesting, and maybe for young age, it will be unsuitable in my perspective.

The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins

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