The Waltons’ Thanksgiving Parents Guide

A new Drama movie The Waltons’ Thanksgiving is coming soon Joe Lazarov is the Director of this movie and the writer of this movie is Jim Strain A Waltons Thanksgiving is a follow-up to the 2021 movie, The Waltons’ Homecoming. Enjoy this film following a happy family and featuring a festival like Thanksgiving, But before that it is necessary that you read The Waltons’ Thanksgiving parents guide.

You have to read the article written below to know whether the content present in this movie is good or bad. Read Parents Guide and Age Rating which is in the article below. Today’s parents have to be ahead of what is right for their children and what is not and for this, there are things like parents guide and Age ratings.

The Waltons’ Thanksgiving Official Poster and Details

The Waltons’ Thanksgiving is set to arrive on November 20, 2022.
The Waltons' Thanksgiving Parents Guide and Age Rating 2022
The Waltons’ Thanksgiving Parents Guide and Age Rating 2022
Name The Waltons’ Thanksgiving
Genre Drama
Director Joe Lazarov
Writer Jim Strain
Release Date November 20, 2022
Run Time N/A
Production Company  Magnolia Hill Productions, Warner Bros. Television
Distributor The CW Network (The CW)
Country United States
Language English


The story follows the Walton family as they prepare to celebrate the Harvest Festival among the mountains in 1934They are very excited and then suddenly a boy comes and their life changes dramatically.

The Waltons’ Thanksgiving Age Rating

The Waltons’ Thanksgiving is Not Rated yet But here are some things shown that are inappropriate for those under the age of 17 Before watching this movie, please take a look at the parent’s guide written below.

If you do not know why the Age Rating is necessary, then pay attention to it is necessary because by this you can know what age person it is suitable for and for whom it is inappropriate.

The Waltons’ Thanksgiving Parents Guide

A mild kissing scene is present in this movie.
Two lovers have slept together in the same bed and are naked but nothing is clearly shown but it contains sexual content.
A young boy is shown smoking.
Looks like human misbehavior here because a dog’s throat seems to be bleeding
When a new boy joins the family, there is light blood on his face, which makes it appear that there is some amount of violence here

Parents Guide lets you know whether the content in this movie is suitable for your kids or not, You will get to know the bad or good material present in the film here so that you can guide your children well. Parents’ guide not only tells you the material under the movie or series, but it gives you a good guide and tells your children the wrong content. Parents’ guide to help you if something scary happened or if there are some criminal activities in it.

Official Wallpaper and Images

The Waltons' Thanksgiving Parents Guide and Age Rating 2022
The Waltons’ Thanksgiving Parents Guide and Age Rating 2022

Who is in the Character and Cast of The Waltons’ Thanksgiving?

  • Richard Thomas as Narrator
  • Bellamy Young as Olivia
  • Teddy Sears as John Sr
  • Logan Shroyer as John Boy
  • Marcelle LeBlanc as Mary Ellen Walton
  • Marilyn McCoo as Sister Harriet
  • Adam Boyer as Charlie Sneed
  • Christian Finlayson as Jason Walton
  • Susan Savoie as Maime Baldwin
  • Britt George as Abner
  • Charles Green as Ike Godsey
  • Tatum Matthews as Erin Walton
  • Arianna Rosario as Maggie Sikes
  • Samuel Goergen as Jim Bob Walton
  • Rebecca Koon as Grandma
  • Jacinte Blankenship as Rose
  • Mary Donnelly Haskell as Mrs. Abernathy
  • Billy Davis Jr. as Brother William

The Waltons’ Thanksgiving Official Trailer


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The Waltons’ Thanksgiving Trailer Breakdown

In 1934, a family is preparing for Thanksgiving and is in depression The family is stuck in its own turmoil and is very excited for Thanksgiving In that family, everyone helps each other and shares their sorrows with each other. A happy family that is kind and helpful is featured in this movie

Here through this article, know what rating this movie has got and why it has got different ratings in different countries. Like all these countries in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, and overseas Why did he get this rating?

We always tell which movie game or series is right for your kids or not, but for this, it is important to read the parent guide and Age Rating by reading them, become aware of the future of your children because there are many things that can improve or spoil your children it’s in your hands.

The Waltons’ Thanksgiving FAQ

What is the releasing date of The Waltons’ Thanksgiving?

The Waltons' Thanksgiving is set to be released on 20 November 2022.

Who is the Narrator of The Waltons’ Thanksgiving?

Richard Thomas is the Narrator of The Waltons' Thanksgiving.

Who is the Director of The Waltons’ Thanksgiving?

Joe Lazarov is the Director of The Waltons' Thanksgiving.

All these further ratings are given by the following websites like MPAA ( Motion Picture Association of America Film rating system),  BBFC (British Board of FilmClassification), and Commons sense, TV Parental Guidelines (A television content rating system in the United States).

It is very important for the parents of children to know that before watching a movie or series, read its information. Like what is its next rating, what is the content in it, and if this material is right for your age or children’s age. Some materials are not good for children, so parents should read about them, And children should be aware and parents are very much aware of their future good and bad.

The Waltons' Thanksgiving
The Waltons Thanksgiving Wallpaper and images

Director: Joe Lazarov

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