Slumberland Review: The Magical universe offering something unique
Slumberland Review: The Magical universe offering something unique

Slumberland is a highly anticipated fantasy story in the 2022s Netflix Original release which is based on 1905s Little Nemo In Slumberland. This is going to premiere in November and would be the second adaptation of the comic. It is co-written by David Guion and Michael Handelman and directed by Francis Lawrence.

The character of Nema, a young girl, has been reimagined as the protagonist in the new reimagining of the comics and previous film adaptations. Originally, the protagonist was a young boy named Nemo. Nema used to live with her father, and one night he read her a beautiful bedtime story about the mysterious Slumberland. A world built on dreams and nightmares and you must relate it to The Sandman if you have already watched it.

You can wish for anything there, and it will come true. She discovers a baffling map following his death, claiming it will lead her into Slumberland. She finds herself being transported into that realm on top of her (now magical) bed as she goes to sleep that night. She meets Flip, a well-known character, in that location.

In Slumberland, Flip is a lovable rascal who frequently gets into trouble. Flip and Nema form a friendship, and the two of them travel through the ever-changing world of dreams in an effort to reunite Nema with her late father once more. This is similar to how the Artful Dodger takes young Oliver under his wing in Oliver Twist.

See the cast list in the movie?

Marlow Barkley as Nema

Jason Momoa as Flip

Luxton Handspiker as Matt

Kyle Chandler as Nema’s father

Tonya Cornelisse as Agent Red

Jamillah Ross as Agent Orange

Weruche Opia as Agent Green

Leslie Adlam as Agent Brown

Slumberland Trailer:

The teaser has been released on August 24 on Youtube by Netflix‘s official website. The second trailer has been released on October 6, 2022, which gave us giving us our best take gander at the dazzling visuals of the film and the origin story of our film’s lead champion Nema, as she goes on a mission with her Father’s old colleague Flip, to track down her lost dad. Look at the trailer below:

YouTube video player

The trailer does not appear to make any mention of nightmares or their connection to Slumberland if you are familiar with the original comics or the 1989 animated adaptation. It could be a deliberate decision to not focus on this antagonist, or it could be a completely different storyline that focuses more on Nema and how she deals with her father’s death. As you observe the plushie by Nema’s side during many adventurous moments, you can also see that she must have wished for her stuffed pig to come to life, as it resembles the flying squirrel character Icarus from the animated 1989 film. But will she be able to fulfill her greatest wish—to see her father once more?

Slumberland Release Date:

The first episode of Slumberland will air on November 18, 2022. Netflix will be the only streaming service that will offer the movie. Since the movie is rated PG, it will be a family-friendly fantasy/adventure that almost everyone can enjoy. We still have a lot of time before November to watch Little Nemo, so if you want to see the animated version from 1989. Adventures in Slumberland can be streamed on a number of different devices, including Roku, Tubi, and Prime Video.

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