The Time it Takes Release Date, Cast, Trailer | 2021
The Time it Takes Release Date, Cast, Trailer | 2021
The Time it Takes Release Date, Cast, Trailer | 2021
The Time it Takes Release Date, Cast, Trailer | 2021

Overall view of the 2021 television series “The Time it Takes.”

It is a Netflix Television drama in which a lady named Lina moving to an entirely new place and she is looking for a new job and trying so hard to forget her first love after break up.

The Time it Takes Cast

Alvaro Cervantes as Nico (male lead), Nadia de Santiago as Lina,Moussa Echraif, Prince Ezeanyim, Carla Linares, Nico Romero, Cala, Carlos Martin.

The creation, direction, and writing; all is done by-

  • Nadia de Santiago
  • Pablo Fernandez
  • Ines Pintor
  • Pablo Sanitarian
  • Cinematography is done by Alberto Pareja

The Time it Takes Plot:

A girl is trying hard to forgetting about her first love, and in the way of doing so, she does lots of things in a hurry, like leaving her home, moving to a new place, renting a new house, searching for a new job. In short, try to live a new life… Lina doesn’t want to remember those times, That she spent with Nico, but she does that over and over again…this is a romantic love story followed by lots of conflicts and confusion between the stated couples.

The Time it Takes Official Trailer

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The genre of the TV series is- romantic drama

The Time it Takes Release Date

it will be released on 29 October 2021…

Some last details:

  • Its country of origin is Spain
  • The official language will be french for this TV drama
  • Also known as “El Tiempo que te doy”
  • The location of the filming is- Madrid and Spain.

The final verdict:

This Netflix series is quite refreshing in the skin of the same old Romance theme, It seems to be Watchable.

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