The Shamrock Spitfire Parents Guide
The Shamrock Spitfire Parents Guide

The Shamrock Spitfire is a 2024 war drama film directed by brothers Dominic and Ian Higgins.

It tells the true story of Brendan “Paddy” Finucane, an Irish fighter pilot who became one of the most celebrated aces of World War II.

It was written and produced by the Higgins brothers, with executive producer Trevor Beattie.

TitleThe Shamrock Spitfire
GenreBiography, Drama, War
DirectorDominic Higgins and Ian Higgins
Release DateMarch 11, 2024
Runtime1h 48m
CountryUnited Kingdom
Distributor101 Films International
The Shamrock Spitfire Age Rating
The Shamrock Spitfire Age Rating


“The Shamrock Spitfire” follows the journey of a young Irish man who dreams of becoming a pilot.

He enlists in the Royal Air Force (RAF) during World War II and finds himself thrust into the Battle of Britain.

Despite the challenges, he proves himself as a brave and skilled fighter pilot, rising to the rank of Wing Commander at just 21, the youngest in RAF history.

The film also delves into the personal struggles Finucane faces, including the loss of friends and the constant danger of war.

The Shamrock Spitfire Age Rating

The Shamrock Spitfire is a compelling historical drama suitable for teenage audiences and older viewers.

The film’s portrayal of wartime violence and themes earns it a 13+ age rating. Parents may want to consider the maturity and sensitivities of their children before watching.

The Shamrock Spitfire Parents Guide


  • The film includes aerial combat and warfare scenes depicting aircraft engaging in battle.
  • While the violence is intense, it is not excessively graphic, suitable for 13 and up kids.


  • The film explores themes of bravery, leadership, and sacrifice during wartime.
  • The personal toll of war is depicted as Finucane grapples with loss and the constant threat of death.

Who is in the cast?

  • Jamie B. Chambers as Butch Aikman
  • Chris Wilson as RAF officer
  • Sophia Eleni as Nurse Grace Clark
  • Carl Wharton as Group Captain Mallory
  • Shane O’Regan as Brendan Finucane
  • Jensen Clarke as Young Ray
  • Reggie McHale as Kaminski
  • Max Robson as Dawson
  • Chris Kaye as Bluey Truscott
  • Sara Dee as Mrs. Woolford
  • Ryan O’Grady as Ray Finucane
  • Eoin Lynch as Andy Finucane
  • Jake Hayes as Young Brendan
  • Jonathan Cobb as Raife
  • Elliot Cable as Dickie
  • Rafe Bird as Chissa
  • Robert Harrison as Chiefy
  • Mark Kitto as Group Captain Hallings-Pott

When is the release of The Shamrock Spitfire?

  • Theatrical release: The movie had a limited theatrical release in the United Kingdom on March 11, 2024, via 101 Films International.
  • Digital, VOD, and DVD release: It was released on Digital, VOD, and DVD on March 12, 2024, so you can purchase or rent it for home viewing.

Official Trailer

Official Trailer for THE SHAMROCK SPITFIRE (2024).

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