The Push: A Novel by Ashley Audrain

“A mother’s heart breaks a million ways in her lifetime.” ― Ashley Audrain, The Push

The Push: A Novel by Ashley Audrain Parents Guide | The Push: A Novel by Ashley Audrain Age Rating | 2021

The Push Age Rating

The Push is a fictional thrilled suspense domestic novel, by Ashley Audrain (born 1982) a Canadian writer. She described her debut novel, The Push, as a “psychological drama told through the lens of motherhood.” Prior to coming to the platform of writing, she was publicity director for Penguin Canada.

A tense, page-turning psychological drama about creating and destroying a family and a woman whose expectation of motherhood is nothing at all what she hoped for–and everything she feared. The story is all about a woman who is trying to figure out whether or not there is something wrong with her daughter, Violet. This causes strain in her marriage to a man named Fox Connor. This novel is published by Pamela Dorman Books on 5th January 2021

We will suggest age rating 14 and up for this novel as young age can find this book a little confusing or hard to understand as this is full of suspense and left one questioning.

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The Push: A Novel by Ashley Audrain Parents Guide | The Push: A Novel by Ashley Audrain Age Rating | 2021
The Push: A Novel by Ashley Audrain Parents Guide | The Push: A Novel by Ashley Audrain Age Rating | 2021

Book Name The Push: A Novel 
Author Ashley Audrain
Genre Thriller, Suspense, Domestic Fiction
Publisher Pamela Dorman Books
Language English
ISBN 1984881663
Date of Publication 05 January 2021
No. of Page 320
Price $18 (Amazon)

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The Push Summary

Blythe Connor is committed to being the best mother in the world not like others. Her experience of seeing motherhood went so terrible as her own mother never wanted her and left her at the age of 11 and her grandmother abused her mother and eventually hung herself from a tree in their yard.

But as time passes she found her soulmate in college and they dreamed of a perfect family. Fox was having the gut feeling that Blythe will be the best mom, she will be the wonderful mother for their child despite having the all bad experiences in her life for a long. Soon their dream for a perfect family going to turn true, they were expecting a baby. And finally baby Violet enters their life but it was not going as they ever dreamed of, instead, the things went opposite.

In the thick of motherhood’s drain-out early days, Blythe becomes persuaded that something is incorrect with her daughter, she felt like her daughter doesn’t behave like other children. Or is it all in Blythe’s head? Fox, considered that she’s creating fake scenarios and just imagining things. Fox never believed in her and as he more dismisses her thoughts the more she questioning her own stability.

Blythe figures out that Violet prefers Fox, but Fox denied it and said that it’s only her overthinking. Fox thinks Blythe is deficient as a mother. As time passes Violet gets older and continues to be the same paleness and even violent towards Blythe. Violet gets difficulty in cooperating with kids of her age. When a boy falls off a playset and dies, Blythe suspects Violet stumbled on him on purpose.

After some time their son Sam is born–and things started getting normal. Blythe has the blissful connection with her son that she’d always imagined with her child. Even Violet seems to love her little brother. But one day as Blythe crosses the street, Sam’s stroller rolls into the intersection, and unfortunately, he is found dead. Blythe is convinced she saw Violet push the stroller.

As Blythe grieves, Blythe and Fox’s marriage is destroyed, and end up separated. After Fox leaves, Blythe secretively is in touch with Fox’s new family with Gemma with their son and tells Gemma about the mysterious behavior of violet anyway.

After the divorce, Fox has custody of Violet but Blythe has visitation rights. Violet lies to make Blythe look bad, and she runs away while Blythe is watching her. Blythe continues the thinking that there is something wrong with Violet until she finally starts to doubt herself. One day Blythe hurt Violet’s arm so badly, and Fox cuts off visitation. Blythe ends up watching their house to catch glimpses of her.

The Push Novel Review 

In the opening of the book, we first encountered Blythe sitting in front of her ex-husband’s house, staring at the happy family together on the night of Christmas Eve. There is the new wife and happy child spending quality time together. A family that she dreamed of in her life but she found herself all alone at the end. She is the one who destroyed her own family this is what we figure out until now.

But this book is full of thriller and suspense as to whom to blame exactly about all the incidents were happening whether is it the mother or the daughter? It is the mother who was doing wrong? Is the daughter is actually abnormal?

This book consists of some domestic violence as Blythe is the one who experienced all and the scenarios she created for her daughter as a murderer. Young age can find this book a little confusing or hard to understand as this is full of suspense and left one questioning.

The Push: A Novel Characters

  • Blythe- A determined woman to be the best mother in the world.
  • Fox- Blythe’s Husband
  • Violet- Blythe and Fox’s first daughter.
  • Sam- Blythe and Fox’s second child.
  • Gemma- Fox’s Second Wife.
  • Jet- Fox and Gemma’s Son

The Push: A Novel by Ashley Audrain

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The Push: A Novel by Ashley Audrain 2021

The Push: A Novel by Ashley Audrain 2021

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