The Policeman's Lineage Trailer breakdown
The Policeman's Lineage Trailer breakdown

The lines between good and bad are not clear in Kyu-mean Lee’s upcoming crime drama film The Policeman’s Lineage which cast Parasite’s Choi Woo-shik and The Handmaiden’s Cho Jin-Woong.

The movie is based on the Japanese novel Keikan no Chi by Joh Sasaki. In the story, Park Gang-Yoon is the chief of an investigation team that deals with serious crimes. His team has an unrivaled arrest record. Park Gang-Yoon prioritizes making arrests.

He doesn’t mind using illegal methods to get information. Choi Min-Jae is a rookie police officer. He is a man of principle. To obtain a secret document about his deceased father, he accepts a mission to monitor Park Gang-Yoon and gather information on his corrupt dealings and then joins Park Gang-Yoon’s team.

Who will you trust?

The official trailer begins by showing Min-Jae who is receiving his mission to investigate Gang-Yoon. The atmosphere seen in the trailer is tense and threatening throughout.

Both showcases the fragments of the mission the two policemen must tackle together as well as makes clear that the two have different ways of thinking and operating, which creates a point of contention.

In the trailer, Gang-Yoon tells Min-Jae “Going after perps can’t be illegal. No matter the situation and method. (Source- Google)

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