'Train to Busan Remake 'The Last Train to New York' is Delayed
'Train to Busan Remake 'The Last Train to New York' is Delayed

The Korean zombie horror movie Train to Busan proved to be a huge hit with audiences across the world in 2016, there has been talking of an American remake. This movie is in the progress of a remake to be picked up last December and change the movie title.

The Last Train to New York Release Date

The Last Train to New York is the new title of this horror movie and its release date is 21 April 2023.

The zombie virus begins infecting other passengers on the train. The official news came when it was announced James Wan had signed on as the producer and Gary Dauberman was writing the script. Then in February 2021. While a remake has a lot of fans feeling cautious, the name attached to the last train to New York has many feeling excited. The Last Train to New York will now have to find a new one.

Train to Busan was directed by Sang-Ho Yeon. Atomic Monster’s Michael Clear, Gaumont’s Nicolas Atlan, and Terry Kalagian will also produce alongside Coin Operated’s Gary Dauberman, who is adapting the screenplay.

It was set to come out in less than a year, and there has yet to be any news on the cast, let alone when filming would begin. Since the film was not announced to be outright canceled, it could be that the studio removed it in order to give it more time in preproduction, rather than rush the production to meet the April release date.

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