The Bloodline WWE
The Bloodline WWE

The Bloodline WWE: It is a professional wrestling stable currently performing in WWE under SmackDown. The Bloodline WWE is led by the famous WWE wrestler Roam Reigns.

Roman is considered to be the WWE Universal Champion. The stable is named Bloodline because Roman Reigns, along with Jay and Jimmy are members of the Anoa’i family

Members of The Bloodline WWE

Member Joined on
Roman Reigns (founder and leader) September 10, 2015
Jimmy Uso (founder) September 10, 2015
Jey Uso September 10, 2015

Championships and Accomplishments

CBS Sports

  • Won Feud of the Year in 2020 – Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso

World Wrestling Entertainment

  • WWE Universal Championship – Roman Reigns
  • WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship – Jey Uso & Jimmy Uso
  • Andre the Gaint Memorial Battle Royal – Jey Uso

The Bloodline WWE was formed after the September 4 episode of Smackdown after Big E got injured and attacked. Jay took his place in that four-way match. Jay was fighting against Matt Riddle, King Corbin, and Sheamus. In this match, the winner would get a Universal Championship match that will be against Roman Reigns. Jay won this match and made his way clear to his first single championship opportunity. {Source:}

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