The Batman End Credits
The Batman End Credits

The Batman End Credits: Batman is an upcoming movie, and it is an adaptation of the original Batman film, This movie is an American superhero film, that is based on DC Comics, and it features characters like Batman.

The Batman has been rated PG-13 for the content shown in the movie. It is produced by the DC films and 6th and Idaho, and it is going to be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. This movie is the sequel of Batman and is connected to the franchise of this movie. The director of this film is Matte Reeves, and Peter Craig does the screenplay.

The Batman End Credits & Synopsis (Spoiler Alert)

Synopsis: In the new Batman movie, Batman is seen saving Gotham city from the evil plans of Riddler, the main villain of the movie. Riddles wanted to kill all the famous personalities of Gotham City. He has some reasons for doing this. He has made this plan so that he can take revenge from Batman and his family. 

It is also believed that Riddler has a past connection with Batman’s family. Someone from his family has done something bad to Riddler and now she is back to make them pay for all those past sins. Riddler is the main villain of The Batman movie 2022.

Batman is seen in great shock after realizing that all of this is somehow related to his family and people are suffering because of what his father did in the past. Riddler told Batman that he will make sure that Batman pay for all the sins his father did in the past. 

The Batman End Credits
The Batman End Credits

The Batman End Credits: There is no end credits scene in the movie this time. At the end of the movie, the URL of Riddler’s website is seen which was used for the marketing purposes of the movie. The speed at which the URL pops up on the screen is very high and you have to be very quick to read it.

This no so clear end credit scene has left the audience with a lot of questions. The audience is not able to figure out the actual meaning of displaying an URL at the very end of the movie. Talking about the main villain of the movie, Riddler is still alive and he is now locked up in Arkham.

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