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Next Goal Wins (2023)

Next Goal Wins Parents Guide Next Goal Wins is a 2023 Comedy Drama Sports film. The film is directed by Taika Waititi with the screenplay by Iain Morris. It stars Will Arnett, Elisabeth Moss, Michael Fassbender, Uli Latukefu. The film is based on the 2014 documentary film of the same name (Next Goal Wins) by […]

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Murderville (TV-Series 2022)

Murderville Parents Guide  Murderville is an upcoming Netflix murder-mystery television series and is based on the BBC Three television series Murder in Successville. Directed by Iain K. Morris and Brennan Shroff. Production companies are Electric Avenue, Abominable Pictures, Artists First, Sony Pictures Television and is distributed by Netflix. Murderville Release Date Murderville consists of six […]

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Rumble (2021)

Rumble Parents Guide Rumble (Monster on the Hill) is an upcoming American computer-animated sports comedy film written by Hamish Grieve, Matt Lieberman, Alexandra Bracken and directed by Hamish Grieve. The film is produced by Brad Booker, Mark Bakshi and distributed by Paramount+, Paramount Pictures. It is loosely based on Monster on the Hill, a graphic novel by Rob […]

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Lego Masters (2020-2021)

Lego Masters Parents Guide | Lego Masters Age Rating Know Lego Masters Age Rating the Television series Lego Masters is explained here. Why Lego Masters received this age rating? Read the complete information here. MPAA, TV rating. Lego Masters Parents Guide.  Director and production  An American reality competition television series, Directed by Rich Kim. Presented by […]

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Bojack Horseman

The Netflix TV Series  Bojack horseman, created by an American adult animated tragicomedy sitcom..  created Netflix by Raphael Bob- Waksberg In fact, the Netflix TV Series, Bojack horseman is an Adult animation, Animated sitcom, Tragicomedy, Black comedy, Surreal humor, Comedy-drama,  Satir genre TV Series produced by Tornante Television, Boxer vs. Raptor, ShadowMachine Moreover, the TV Series is Distributed […]

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Arrested Development

Arrested Development Age Rating | Explained with reason Know Arrested Development  Age Rating the television series Arrested Development is explained here. Why Arrested Development received this age rating? Read the complete information here. Arrested Development age rating in the UK,  Canada,  Singapore, and Germany Wandavision MPAA, TV rating. Arrested Development Age Rating  The TV Series  Arrested Development, […]