Superfly Actor Kaalan Walker Found Guilty of Raping Six Victims: On Monday, Kaalan Walker who was previously seen in Superfly has found guilty. Of his six victims, 3 are 16-year-old models. He has been accused of raping his 7th victim on the set of his upcoming series named “sophisticated”.

Kaalan Walker is quite famous for his role “Kings” along with Halle Berry and also for playing a gang member named Juju in 2018 Superfly. When the jury found him guilty and gave his final verdict, Kaalan hung his head and began sobbing.

Superfly Actor Kaalan Walker Found Guilty of Raping Six Victims

“I didn’t rape anybody, your honor. I did not rape anybody,” said Kaalan Walker while telling his side of the story.

“This was very sophisticated. He picked these girls and he appealed to their dreams and hopes and name-dropped Drake and used his connection to Halle Berry to get these girls somewhere and gain their trust. Once they were there, it wasn’t about doing photoshoots, it was about assaulting them,” said Deputy District Attorney Cynthia Wallace while talking to “Rolling Stone’ and called Kaalan Walker a serial rapist. {Source:}

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