Super Crooks Netflix Anime Cast, Release Date, Trailer 2021
Super Crooks Netflix Anime Cast, Release Date, Trailer 2021
Super Crooks Netflix Anime Cast, Release Date, Trailer 2021
Super Crooks Netflix Anime Cast, Release Date, Trailer 2021

Super Crooks Netflix Anime

Beware of the “Super Crooks” arriving this year on “Netflix (Super Crooks 2021) It will be an animated action-adventure of a crook, who is recruiting people to make his team of crooks for one big and last robbery… It will have 13 episodes altogether.

Super Crooks Netflix Anime Cast and Crew:

The voice cast where also very impressive for this animated robbery drama but only two of the names were revealed. 

And these are Maaya Sakamoto in the role of Kasey, Kenjiro Tsuda as the main character ‘Johny Bolt’… 

The TV series is directed by ‘Motono Button,’ The writing credits go to Mark Miller, Dais to and, Leinil yu Towa Tei makes music.

Super Crooks Netflix Anime final story plot that is shown in the official teaser trailer:

This will be about a super Crooks’ last robbery, just one final addition in all the previous heist of a super Crook named ‘Johnny Bolt’… And after that, all the masterminds of that super Crooks team will retire and take up fishing for their living. There will be no more theft or robbery anywhere after that, as they all decided.

The jails have lots of super villains, who also thinks about the same; And the reason behind the last robbery is the gambling that leads the heat to death, either they pay the amount to those gambler’s or they will kill them all, Johnny got a full-fledged plan for this, To help the heat and to make all his friends join his team of “Super crooks”… 

But unfortunately, the people recruited by Johnny have to head to Spain for the final robbery of the world’s most notorious supervillain, “Blind,” and everything gets tricky afterward… 

Super Crooks Netflix Anime Trailer Official Trailer

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The central theme and generosity of this tv series:

  • This Japanese animation series is based on a comic book of the same name by Leinil Francis Yu and Mark Miller.
  • This is an enemy series, it will have a legendary story plot, it is an action-adventure, and is based on crime, fantasy, and science fiction… 

Super Crooks Netflix Anime Release Date

The official release date is 25th November 2021 in the United States, the language will be Japanese; the TV series is also known as Biet Doi Sieu Gian.

It is filled at locations like Tokyo and Japan, the leading production company of this show is “Bones,” 

This Netflix tv series seems to be very promising Thrilling, and worth watching… That’s all for now, stay tuned for more information. 


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