Sunrise Parents Guide (1)
Sunrise Parents Guide (1)

Sunrise Parents Guide: Sunrise is a horror thriller directed by Andrew Baird and Ronan Blaney, starring Guy Pearce, Alex Pettyfer, and Olwen Fouéré in the lead roles.

In this article, you will get information about the Sunrise Parents Guide, Age ratings, and other details regarding Sunrise.

Sunrise Parents Guide
Sunrise Parents Guide
GenreHorror Thriller
Director Andrew Baird
Released date January 19, 2024
Country United States, United Kingdom
Language English
Distributor Grindstone Entertainment Group
Sunrise Parents Guide

Sunrise Age Ratings

Sunrise is R-rated for the horror, blood, and violence shown in the film, which is not appropriate for the kids.

R means restricted, and these ratings are given to those films that include violence, blood, and sexual content, as well as language.

You should always follow the age ratings, as these are made for your convenience because the maturity level of every kid is different.

Sunrise Parents Guide

Sunrise Parents Guide will guide you through the contents used in which way it has been shown in the film, and then you will be able to make a proper decision for your kids.


It shows that the characters are fighting with each other and trying to defeat each other by beating each other.


It also shows bloody contents in it as one of the characters was pictured with blood on its face, and also one girl was shown hanging with the rope on the tree.

Consumption of Alcohol

It shows the consumption of Alcohol in it as it was revealed that one character was drinking Alcohol, and also some characters were shown holding glasses which were full of Alcohol.

Other Details

Below, we have given information about the Sunrise.

What is the storyline?

It features the story of Fallon, who lands the creature of night as he comes with the loss of his family at the hands of a demagogue.

When is the release?

Sunrise will be released on January 19, 2024, on Grindstone Entertainment Group.

Who is in the cast?

Guy Pearce will play Reynolds, Olwen Fouéré will play the role of Ma Reynolds, Crystal Yu will play Yan Loi, Richard Pettyfer will perform Sam Johnson, Tamara Chanel White will play Clare Fallon, and Chike Chan Mr. Loi.

Alex Pettyfer as Fallon, Kurt Yaeger as Gillespie, William Gao as Edward, Forrest Bothwell as Petrie, Riley Chung as Emily, and Teddy Parker as a High school student.


SUNRISE Official Trailer (2024) Guy Pearce Horror Movie HD
Sunrise Parents Guide


Sunrise Parents Guide: Sunrise is R-rated for the violence and blood shown, and the kids should not watch it if they are underage. Other information about Sunrise has been given above in the article. Keep reading our articles and enjoy reading them.

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