Stranger Things Seasons 4 Spoiler wallpaper and images
Stranger Things Seasons 4 Spoiler wallpaper and images

Stranger Things Seasons 4 Spoiler- Netflix has officially announced that Stranger Things season 4 will be split into two parts: Volume 1 is going to arrive on  Friday, May 27 while Volume 2 will arrive on. July 1.

Stranger things is an American science fiction horror streaming television created by Duffer Brothers. The series Stranger Things is rated TV-14.

Stranger Things Seasons 4 Leaks

The official trailer confirms many pieces of information such as the fact that Hopper is alive, the possibility of time travel connected to the Creel House clock, and Eleven’s new life in California apparently without powers.

But the trailer also drops several new surprising things that are beyond the scope. There is the possibility of Max having powers. The titles of chapters seven and eight The Massacre at Hawkins Lab and Papa respectively, seem to imply that the lab which gave El her powers will not have the mass breakout seen in the HNL Control Room.

 If the test subjects of Hawkins Lab are going to be dominating the second half of the season’s story, it stands to reason that the haunted house teased in the Creel House. The episode title Papa almost implies that Eleven and her surrogate father Brenner won’t meet face-to-face until this outing and the HNL Control Room teaser appeared to depict a massacre at Hawkins Lab, which will lend further credence to this theory.

There is a possibility of Billy returning in Stranger Things season 4. Max gets her own powers, and Eleven is recaptured by an ill-meaning Hawkins Lab. The trailer also includes a sinister voice and a chilling figure that seems to come from the Upside Down like the Demogorgon and the Mind Flayer of earlier seasons. (Source- Google)

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