Stephen Lang and Dolph Lundgren Starring in Director Isaac Florentine's upcoming thriller ‘Hellfire’
Stephen Lang and Dolph Lundgren Starring in Director Isaac Florentine's upcoming thriller ‘Hellfire’

Director Isaac Florentine’s newly action gripping film, Hellfire, featuring Stephen Lang (Avatar) and Dolph Lundgren (Creed II), has formally cloaked up filming.

While little advice about the new film is known, Deadline reports that Hellfire will center on a baffling vagabond, played by Lang, who endeavors to help a small town as they abide under the grips of a notorious crime boss. No details about Lundgren’s role in the film have been disclosd yet.

Along the side of Lang and Lundgren, the film will also star Scottie Thompson (12 Monkeys), Johnny Bosch (Ark Exitus), and Chris Mullinax (Vanquish). Michael Sirow (Fortress) also stars in the new movie along the side Maurice Compte who afore starred in Narcos, Levon Panek (Dexter: New Blood), and Natalie Canerday (October Sky), among many more.

With a large and aptitude cast alongside a potential gripping and action-packed story, Hellfire could be an exciting film for fans of the action-gripping genre to look out for when it debuts sometime in the near future.

Richard Lowry pens the version for the film, with Sasha Yelaun benefiting as a producer for the movie along the side Robert Paschall Jr., Daniel Lief, and Johnny Remo. Rob Simmons, Ante Novakovic, and Jeff Miller executive crop the new project with Ronnie D. Lee, Sterling Griffin, Adam Sigal, Barry Rosen, and Frederic Demey. Grant Palmer, Krystyna Swieka, Cecil Chambers, Seth Sklar, Keli Price, and Jenny Shakeshaft also serve as managerial producers.

Along the side of Hellfire, Lang is set to duplicate his role as the villainous Colonel Quaritch in this year’s Avatar: The Way of Water. The actor will also star in Old Man, a new horror film directed by Lucky McKee. He is also set to star in Pep, a sports drama film, along the side James Madio and Ruby Wolf.

Lundgren, best known for playing Ivan Drago in the Rocky franchise, is also set to duplicate his role as Gunner Jensen in The Expendables 4.

He will also returned to the character of King Nereus in Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, which is set to debut in theaters on December 25, 2023. Also, that same year, Lundgren is set to direct and star in the new action film, Wanted Man, along the side Kelsey Grammer.


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