Daemon-Rhaenyra relationship is a 'grooming scenario' Says Emma D'Arcy
Daemon-Rhaenyra relationship is a 'grooming scenario' Says Emma D'Arcy

Emma D’Arcy is the star of “The House of the Dragon” Series and she played the role of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen. Emma D’Arcy says about House of the Dragon Series’s Daemon-Rhaenyra relationship saying their relationship is a “grooming scenario”.

What Says, Emma D’Arcy about Daemon-Rhaenyra’s relationship?

According to Episode 4, we saw Daemon trying to have s3x with his 18-year-old niece while is in his early 30s. Throughout the House of the Dragon, Series Daemon has a s3xually-charged relationship with her Niece and which almost results in the pair of uncle and Niece having s3x in episode four.

D’Arcy explains there is no I know about something but I understand something very electric and erotic can happen with people who share sexual material and do not grow up calm. It’s regularly appealing and risk-taking, especially when one is young because I discover that a deep attractiveness is present in person.

Daemon-Rhaenyra’s relationship in the House of the Dragon Series

The series jumped 10 years after Rhaenyra says independent that the problem with their relationship was more to do with their age gap rather than their blood relation.

It is not the first time when there has been a depraved relationship in “Game of Thrones”. The 30 years actress says “The idea that a teenage girl is in any way able to consent to that sexual interaction is a mess. There is no way that power can be equally distributed in that relationship.”

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