St. Patrick’s Day Drinks

St. Patrick’s Day also called the Feast of St. Patrick, and St. Patty’s day is observed on March 17 and marks the death date of Saint Patrick who is the patron saint of Ireland. In the early 17th century, it was made an official Christian feast day observed by the Church of Ireland, the Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Lutheran Church. The day celebrates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland as well as the culture of Ireland and commemorates the death of Saint Patrick.

Who was St. Patrick?

Saint Patrick is the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland. He is credited with successfully spreading Christianity throughout Ireland hence the Christian celebration of his life and name.

In Europe, Ireland, England, Malta, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Scotland, and Switzerland all celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Celebrations include recognition of the local Irish populations and a tribute to their culture and the Christian religion.

Saint Patrick’s Day Drinks Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day Drinks are just what you need to get in the holiday spirit. If you are looking for a drink to pair with traditional Irish food here, you’ll find Guinness drinks that will have you feeling lucky in no time!

  • Ranch Water- If you’re loading up on potatoes and corned beef, you’ll likely want to balance out all the heavy dishes with something refreshingly light—like Ree’s go-to cocktail! It even has a touch of green thanks to the lime wedges.
  • Classic Mint Julep- While this drink is typically made with bourbon, you could always swap in your favorite Irish whiskey. Either way, a glass of this refreshing cocktail will look like you found a pot of gold.
  • Classic Bloody Mary– Start celebrating early with this classic brunch cocktail. It might not be green, but it sure is tasty!
  • Green Beer- This might be the easiest St. Patrick’s Day drink ever! There are only two ingredients and it comes together in just a couple of minutes. Plus, there’s no denying that turning beer green is as festive as it gets.
Saint Patrick’s Day Drinks Ideas images
Saint Patrick’s Day Drinks Ideas images
  • Spicy Jalapeño Margarita- While this isn’t your typical Irish drink, it’s great for tequila lovers and anyone who can handle a bit of spice. Add extra lime and jalapeño slices for that green Irish flare.
  • Irish Coffee- Ree’s mom used to make Irish coffee all the time (even when it wasn’t St. Patrick’s Day). Who can blame her?! This warm, boozy drink is brimming with strong coffee and decadent whipped cream.
  • Guinness Float- This may sound like a strange concoction, but the combination of beer and ice cream is actually somewhat of a revelation. It’s similar to a root beer float but uses a classic Irish beer GuinnessNinstead.

There are over 1,500 national days. Don’t miss a single one. Thank you for reading this article. Happy St Patrick’s Day 17 March 2022.

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