Southwest Airlines Flights Cancelled due to storm in Florida
Southwest Airlines Flights Cancelled due to storm in Florida

This cancellation at that last movement made travelers stand at the airport and wait for things to get normal. It’s been said that more than 1930 U.S. flights got canceled and 6000 flights were delayed on Saturday.

This week has been very tough for every passenger as more than 10k airlines were canceled due to storms in Florida and also because of some technical issues in Southwest Airlines.

Passengers were hoping that things will get normal by Sunday. However, disruptions continued on Sunday also and almost 1540 canceled 3000 were delayed. Now, it’s been said that from Monday the schedule will be back on track.

Flights Canceled due to Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms have always been a big problem, especially for airlines as it is very tough to predict them as compared to other weather problems. The flights need to be canceled if the authority gets any news related to thunderstorms.

The cancellation at the last movement creates problems not only for the travelers but also for the crew members as it is tough to look around for hotels at the last movement. {Source: Google}

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