Shrinking Parents Guide

Apple TV+ had brought a new comedy series that depicts the life transformation of a doctor and his client. It is quite funny to watch. The shrinking is Directed by James Ponsoldt and is penned by Brett Goldstein, Bill Lawrence, and Jason Segel.

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Release Date of Shrinking

The release date for the series is 27th January 2023. Neil Goldman is the Producer of this series.

Shrinking Parents Guide and Shrinking Age Rating (2022)
Shrinking Parents Guide and Shrinking Age Rating (2022)
Name Shrinking
DirectorJames Ponsoldt
WriterBrett Goldstein, Bill Lawrence , Jason Segel
Season 1
Release Date27 January 2023
CountryUnited States
Production CompaniesDoozer Productions, Warner Bros. Television
DistributorApple TV+
Shrinking Parents Guide

Synopsis of Shrinking Series

A sad therapist tells his clients what he thinks, abandoning his ethics, he finds people making changes in their own lives, And his own life is involved in this journey of change.

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Shrinking series is Not Rated Yet we will update you soon.

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Shrinking Parents Guide

There is no Sexual content.
No Violence.
Shrinking Parents Guide

Wallpaper and images

Shrinking Parents Guide and Shrinking Age Rating (2022)
Shrinking Parents Guide and Shrinking Age Rating (2022)

Cast of Shrinking

  • Harrison Ford as Dr. Phil Rhodes
  • Jason Segel
  • Christa Miller as Liz
  • Jessica Williams as Gaby
  • Michael Urie as Brian
  • Tilky Jones as Donny
  • Luke Tennie as Sean
  • Evan Shafran as Alcoholics Anonymous Attendee
  • Lukita Maxwell as Alice
  • Rosslyn Luke as Sarah
  • Matt Knudsen as Steven

Official Trailer

Shrinking — Official Teaser | Apple TV+

Here is the story of Shrinking

The Shrinking series follows the unique treatment and life of a doctor, A doctor is seen changing his clients’ lives by disregarding their ethics, And that doctor’s life also gets involved in this change.

What is the Age rating of Shrinking?

Shrinking Age rating is not available.

Who is the creator of Shrinking?

David Weil is the creator of Shrinking.

When will Shrinking be released?

Shrinking will be released on January 27, 2023.

Who is the distributor of Shrinking?

Apple TV+ is the distributor of Shrinking.

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