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Shaman King is Rated PG-13

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What is the Shaman King age rating |Shaman King Parents Guide

Read about Shaman King Parents Guide. However, the Shaman King age rating is PG-13 which contains mild violence and horror.

PG-13 Rating Meaning

Programs rated PG-13 contain material that some material may find unsuitable for children under the age of 13. 

Shaman King anime 2021 release date

Shaman King is scheduled to be released on August 9th, 2021 on Netflix.

Shaman King Parents Guide

Why Shaman King series Rated PG-13?

There is a lot of violence shown in the series, people are killed, stabbed.
In one scene you will see Tao en crushes a panda head.
Blood is licking from the face, a man stabbed in the stomach.
Obscene language is present in subtitles, Damn or shit.
Intense scenes are shown, families are creepy.
Blood content, cuts on chest, slashed by a sword.Mild sexual content showing huge balls.
Mild sexual content showing huge balls.

Official Poster and Details

Shaman King series

Shaman King Parents Guide | 2021 Netflix Series Shaman King Age Rating
Shaman King Parents Guide
Series Name Shaman King
Genre Adventure, Action, Comedy
Age Rating  PG-13
Directed by Joji Furuta
Episodes 52
Season 1
Runtime 23 mins
Distributed by  TXN (TV Tokyo) and Netflix.
Official website Netflix
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