Sebastian Fitzek's Therapy Parents Guide (1)
Sebastian Fitzek's Therapy Parents Guide (1) Credit: IMDB

Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy information and wiki

Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy Parents Guide: Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy is an upcoming thriller TV series which is directed by Thor Freudenthal and Iván SáinzPardo. This is also known as Sebastian Fitzeks Die Therapie.

This series cast Stars Stephan Kampwirth, Helena Zenge, and Andrea Osvárt in the lead role in this series.

TitleSebastian Fitzek’s Therapy
DirectorThor Freudenthal and Iván Sáinz-Pardo.
Release DateOctober 26, 2023
DistributorAmazon Prime Video
Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy Parents Guide
Sebastian Fitzek's Therapy Parents Guide
Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy Parents Guide

Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy Age Rating

Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy is not officially rated but this is not suitable for kids under 18 because this series contains mature content such as bloody scenes, thriller, and violent content.

Age Rating gives us brief detail about what is suitable for which age group because everybody has different understanding level and all of us takes everything at a very different level. For this convenience, an Age Rating is provided for series and movies.

Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy Parents Guide

Parents’ Guide is the utmost thing that should be known to everyone because the path which is followed by their parents is followed by their kids so this is Parents’ duty to make sure that the Path which is being told by them is right and they should also be aware of the knowledge of each and every aspects.

Here are some Guidelines about the series that will help Parents to make decisions about whether this series is suitable or not for their kids. Read them carefully.

Bloody scenes

In this trailer, blood splattering was shown on the face of the girl and also in another scene, it was shown that there was blood spread on the floor.

Thriller scene

A girl was shown standing near a man and then suddenly she disappeared, and a man was shown searching for someone very strangely.

Parents Consideration

Parents should accompany their kids while watching this series because this will increase the interactive level and Parents should be also well aware that Kids should not watch this series without their permission.

Parents should ask what their kids understood about this series, which part of the series was worst, and which part was the best part of the series. Parents must allow their kids to go through each and every aspect of the series.

Parents’ involvement will make it easier for kids to explore the series and also it will be easier to interact with your kids and you will get to know what is in your kids’ minds and what they understand from the movie.

Other Details

Below we have been provided the information such as release date and storyline about Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy.

Released date of Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy

Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy is going to be released on October 26, 2023, on Amazon Prime Video.

What is the story about?

Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy is based on Fitzek’s bestseller. This is the story of the daughter of Viktor Larenz who is a psychiatrist. His daughter Josy who is of years 13 suddenly disappeared and there is no proof of where she has gone. After two years, suddenly a woman comes and she forces Victor to realize the truth that her daughter has disappeared and this leads him to psychological limits.

Who is in the cast?

This series includes legendary actors such as Stephan Kampwirth is plays the role as
Viktor Larenz, Andrea Osvárt is playing Isabell, Martina EitnerAcheampong is playing Ines Mergentheimer, Eva M. Hirschburger is playing Mila, Waldemar Kobus is playing Halberstaedt, Helena Zengel is playing as Josy, Emma Bading is playing the role as Anna Spiegel.

It also includes Samir Fuchs as Wolfgang Riegger, Paula Kober as Bentje, Peter Miklusz as Dr. Frieder Jeschke, Trystan Pütter as Dr. Roth, Lewis Bauer as Kind Viktor, and many more.


Sebastian Fitzeks Die Therapie - Teaser | Prime Video
Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy Parents Guide


Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy Parents Guide: Sebastian Fitzek’s Therapy is an upcoming thriller series that is not officially rated but not appropriate for kids under 18.

By reading this article Parents will get an edge regarding all the information then you will be able to decide whether it is okay or not for your kid.

You can summarise the information given above in the article and then you will be able to take right decision.

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