Recently, Netflix announced the slate of European animated TV series and movies that will be released on Netflix soon. Among the rest, there are two movies that stood out. However, Netflix has not announced any tentative release date for any of the films. However, the theme of these two movies suggests that they might be released during the month of Christmas.

Animated Movies Scrooge: A Christmas Carol and That Christmas Coming to Netflix

The movies Scrooge: A Christmas Carol will take the new generation of kids back to the famous Charles Dickens Christmas story. Just like other adaptations of the film, this animated film will revolve around Ebenezer Scrooge, a grumpy man and covers everything that happens to him when he starts getting a vising from different versions of himself on Christmas Eve to make him learn some important things about life.

The next Christmas-related title is That Christmas. It is a collection of tales Curtis based on famous children’s books written by author Richard. Richard Curtis does not require any kind of introduction in Holywood. He has been nominated for an Oscar and written the screenplay for movies like Love, Actually and Four Weddings and a Funeral. Netflix also recently announced that Klaus director and writer Sergio Pablos is directing another project named Ember that is set in prehistoric times.

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