Scrambled Parents Guide (1)
Scrambled Parents Guide (1) Credit: IMDb

Scrambled Parents Guide: Scrambled is a 2024 Comedy film directed and written by FJR starring Mark Hapka, Becky O’Donohue, and Tomer Shechori.

It is produced by Robert A. Stone and Nicci Freeman as associative producer, Ric Smith as co-producer, and executive produced by Yu Yao Wen, Yu Feng Fei, Yu Ping, and NienTzu Tan.

Title Scrambled
Also known as First Love
Genre Comedy
Released date February 2, 2024
Country United States
Distributor Lionsgate
Scrambled Parents Guide
Scrambled Parents Guide
Scrambled Parents Guide

Scrambled Age Rating

Scrambled is R Rated for the sexual, language, and consumption of Alcohol shown in the film.

R means restricted, which is given to films that include content unsuitable for kids for containing Adults such as sexual, language, and other Adults content.

Age Ratings are given to films as kids’ maturity levels are different, and every content is inappropriate for every age group.

Scrambled Parents Guide

Scrambled Parents Guide is given here so you can know which type of content has been shown in the film.

Consumption of Alcohol

It includes the consumption of Alcohol, as there are characters who are shown drinking Alcohol on the ground in the club and talking to each other. Also, some people were consuming Alcohol at their home.


It includes sexual content, as there are characters who are shown engaged in activity referencing sexual content, showing their love for each other.

Parents Consideration

You should take care as the film includes sex and consumption of Alcohol, which can have a bad impact on the kids, as kids are too young to understand these things for this you are there.

Other Details

Below, we have given information about Scrambled.

What is the storyline?

It features the man who has come out of Prison also having half of a penis and then meets his former best friend who has become an omelet chef, which includes twists and turns and will be enjoyed by the kids when watched.

When is the release?

Scrambled will be released on February 2, 2024, in Lionsgate Films. After that, you can watch it.

Who is in the cast?

It includes Mark Hapka as Hugo, Tomer Shechori as Tonty, Riley Voelkel as Cristina, Amy Lindsay as Mary-Anne, Jonny Siew as Sunny, Tina Martin as Woman on Date, Emeka Nnadi as Tanner, Rich Kirby as Hydra, Danny Rangel as Kaloosh.

Along with Becky O’Donohue as Giavanna, José Julián as Viggo, Torsten Voges as Karl Aidell, Neil Dickson as Roman, Myke Michaels as Sam, Jason Furrer as Man on Date, Morgan Nunn as Ace, Cameron Fife as Conrad.


Scrambled - Official Trailer (2024) Leah McKendrick
Scrambled Parents Guide


Scrambled Parents Guide: Scrambled is R-rated, and After reading our article, you will be able to answer why Age Ratings are important and on which basis Age Ratings are given.

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Scrambled Parents Guide 1

Director: FJR

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