Sabikui Bisco Parents Guide

Sabikui Bisco (Japanese: 錆喰いビスコ) is a Japanese television series based on the Japanese manga series of the same name which is written by Shinji Cobkubo and illustrated by K Akagashi.

Official Poster and Details

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Sabikui Bisco Parents Guide | Sabikui Bisco Age Rating | 2022
Sabikui Bisco Parents Guide | Sabikui Bisco Age Rating | 2022

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Series Name Sabikui Bisco
Japanese 錆喰いビスコ
Genre Animation, Adventure, Action
Age Rating TV-MA
Season 1
Episodes 12
Runtime  23 min. per ep.
Official website

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What “Sabikui Bisco” is about?

A plague-like wind blows across the arid, sandy expanse of a post-apocalyptic Japan. As it sweeps over the living and nonliving alike, rust is all that remains in its wake. The cause of the catastrophic state of the world is believed to be mushroom spores. Bisco Akaboshi, known as the “Man-Eating Mushroom,” is a wanted criminal archer whose arrows instantly grow mushrooms wherever they land. However, he is in truth a “Mushroom Protector,” a person who spreads fungi in order to enrich the land and return it to its previous state.

Alongside the crab Akutagawa and young doctor Milo Nekoyanagi, Bisco ventures through the wastelands of Japan searching for the legendary “Sabikui”—a panacean mushroom said to devour all forms of rust. [Source: MAL]

Sabikui Bisco Parents Guide

  • Some sexual content
  • Animated Violence
  • Hand to hand combat
  • Blood content
  • Animal harm
  • Explosion
  • We will update you more soon.

Sabikui Bisco Wallpaper and Images

Sabikui Bisco Parents Guide | Sabikui Bisco Age Rating | 2022
Sabikui Bisco Parents Guide | Sabikui Bisco Age Rating | 2022

Sabikui Bisco voice cast and characters

  • Ryouta Suzuki as Bisco Akaboshi
  • Natsuki Hanae as Milo Nekoyanagi
  • Shirô Saitô as Jabi
  • Kenjirô Tsuda as Kurokawa
  • Reina Kondou as Pawoo Nekoyanagi
  • Miyu Tomita as Chiroru Oochagama

Sabikui Bisco Official Trailer

Sabikui Bisco Age Rating and Sabikui Bisco Parents Guide

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