Ruin Raiders Review 2021 Video Game
Ruin Raiders Review 2021 Video Game
Ruin Raiders Review 2021 Video Game
Ruin Raiders Review 2021 Video Game

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Developer OverPowered Team
Publisher Freedom Games
Mode Single-player game
Genre Action-Adventure, Indie game, Strategy Video Game
Release 14 October 2021
Platforms PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Macintosh operating systems


Ruin Raiders Review

Despite this game having the thumbs down, this isn’t a bad game, and I might play more of it to unlock a flock. There are two reasons for which I do not recommend it to everyone.  I played it for three hours. You feel this game is too grindy and you will probably get tired of it before “finishing” it.

Whether it’s roguelikes/roguelikes games, Both genres need to work harder to keep things fresh and interesting than other types of game.

Talking about all the three-player runs, three runs felt very samey. Same enemies, same rooms shuffled around, the same boss, mostly have the same weapons.

The first run of the game ended well in a soft lock. The player may have had to abandon the run. You don’t need to do this for the next two.

On reviewing the gameplay- First off, if you have played the most recent X-COM games, you can easily understand the combat system. It is the most simplified version, with fewer characters under your control and fewer options to level up. I know lots of games are described as com-like.

Not only is it much more than that percentage that, realistically, but you will also miss almost 90% from time to time. A pip next to your health calls for an armor which works the same way, acid and explosions shred armor, fire is damaged over time, your characters have two action points.

It is about the Half cover and full cover, Overwatch. If you have played, then you Don’t need any tutorial for playing this game.

It is a good game, not the best on the list. Being a roguelike, This game is run-based, with each run ends, and it is more likely to be with the death of your team.


After each run, you will earn a meta currency used to upgrade a base between runs. Upgrades do things like unlock more animals or allow you to equip better weapons during a run. It’s bare-bones, with the base being a static screen with no interesting choices or hidden options. It is just one step up from a spreadsheet.

This game also has a few interesting skills and levels up, in a linear kind of way. The sound effects and speech bubbles are doing jobs completely with the different characters in your group’s personality.

The sound design is very good. And what to tell about the look of the characters and dungeon is good but not great. In my vision, it is entirely visual. It will get old after a time.

This isn’t a bad game, but it is also not remarkable and cannot sustain its marketplace. If you spend a lot of money on games and love this type of game, then you can invest there in this game.

If you are picky about how you spend your money, there are many better options for you in the gaming world. But overall, this is a good game.

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