Red Notice Cast, Production, Budget Release Date Plot | %currentyear%
Red Notice Cast, Production, Budget Release Date Plot | %currentyear%

Red Notice Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Red Notice is the upcoming 2021 film that will take us to an action-comedy and crime showdown. It is a story that revolves around an Interpol agent tracking the World’s most wanted art thief. The Director of the film is Rawson Marshall Thurber, And the writer is also Rawshan Marshall Thurber. I will tell you about other stars’ letters, but the prime celebrities of the movie were Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot.

Red Notice Synopsis

Tableau triple surrounds an Interpol agent, and it’s all about the issues of the spy team. They announce the red notices globally to capture and hunt the World’s most wanted art thief, but when a fearless man brings together the FBI top profiler and two of his Rival criminals Gadot and Reynolds, what will happen next?? It is all the real suspense of the movie.

Red Notice Release Date

Red Notice is releasing on November 12 in 2021, And the streaming media is “Netflix.” The development of this film was started on February 8, 2018.

Red Notice Cast

Ryan Reynolds as Nolan Booth, Gal Gadot as Sarah black, Dwayne Johnson as Agent John Hartley, Ritu Arya, Yasmine Habib as a wedding singer, Melissa Kennemore as Bali swat team, Shane Berenguer as a Russian prisoner, Robert Tinsley as Russian prisoner, Tom Choi as Mongolian captain, Nick Arapoglou as an officer on the yacht, Brenna as Cleopatra, Noah as jeep gunner, and a few more on the board.

Film Details

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Production Budget  $150,000,000
Genre Action
Production Companies Flynn Picture Company, Seven Bucks Productions, Bad Version, Inc.
Production Countries United States
Running Time 115 minutes
Languages English
Watch on Netflix


This movie seems to be very promising, and it has a few hit factor’s in It too. But the future of this movie will be in the viewer’s hands.

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