Parents Guide to Movies wallpaper and images
Parents Guide to Movies wallpaper and images

Parents Guide to Movies- Planning a family film night but not sure if the movie is suitable for everyone or not.

Find out how film Parents Guide is decided and why they are used and how relevant the classifications actually are in our parents’ guide and which film is suitable for your kids.

Content considered for age classifications

Dangerous behavior

  • Allowing bad behavior, such as bullying, to go unchecked
  • Showing dangerous behavior that young children might copy
  • Promoting illegal behavior


  • Scenes involving discriminatory behaviors like racism, sexism, homophobia, and whether or not this is promoted or challenged.


  • Showing the misuse of drugs
  • Detailed scenes of drug use


  • Use of offensive language

Nudity and sex

  • Scenes of a sexual nature involving nudity
  • Normalizing sexualized behavior
  • References to sex

Sexual violence and sexual threat

  • Showing sexual violence
  • Showing sexual threats and abuse
  • Scenes of sexual violence showing powerlessness, fear, or distress

Threat and horror

  • Scary images and scenes and how long they go on for
  • Effects such as music, realism, or supernatural elements that could upset viewers


  • Use of realistic violence
  •  Normalizing violence


  • Does the context lessen or deepen the impact of the content? For instance, historical context, fantasy elements, and realistic depictions.

Tone and impact

  • Even if the content on its own is innocent enough, the tone could change the rating if it is dark or unsettling. (Source-Google)

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