Overwatch Age Rating PEGI 2018 - PC Game Poster Images and Wallpapers
Overwatch Age Rating PEGI 2018 - PC Game Poster Images and Wallpapers

Overwatch Age Rating PEGI | Explained With Reason

Know what is the PEGI age rating of Overwatch 2016. Overwatch Age Rating PEGI is explained here. Why Overwatch 2016 received this age rating from PEGI? Read the complete information here. Overwatch game age restrictions said by PEGI in the UK, European countries and overseas. Overwatch Game parental guide. Overwatch PEGI rating 2016. Find Overwatch movie Parental rating review here.

Overwatch Game Overview

Overwatch, a multiplayer online first-person shooter game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. In fact, the game, based on multiplayer team-based shooter game where two teams created with 6 members each. The game happens in a futuristic world where every character is stylised and even technologically advanced environment is shown.  Furthermore, the characters have to save the world from the robotic war that is destroying the earth.

The developers assure the game as a nonending fun, where there are included in-game competitions and more and more free updates are brought every time from the development team to make the game more interesting.

Surprisingly, the game includes more beautiful characters and the real world with fantasy involved and the violence are more of an attraction to the players.

Overwatch is compatible with  Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

What is the Overwatch Age Rating PEGI

The multiplayer fantastic game by Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch Age Rating PEGI, is 12 from PEGI, Pan European Game Information. The PEGI 12 Rating suggests that the game is suggestible for children of age above 12. The reason for certifying the game with an age rating of 12 for Overwatch is the nonrealistic violence involved with the human-looking characters. They suggest the game is not suitable for kids of under 12.

In fact, the age rating, fixed by PEGI or the Pan European Game Information. Notably, the PEGI rating certified for European consumers. Moreover, the PEGI rating helps the parents and players informed about the crucial contents of the game before buying it. Hence, they can decide whether or not to buy the game. And specifically, the ESRB age rating does not specify the difficulty of the game.

Explained Why Overwatch Game Received 12 Age Rating

    • The mild violence involved frequently in the game
    • Violence between human looking and fantasy characters
    • Blood contents are found but rather no injury is shown wildly
    • Weapons and equipment are fantastical
    • Moreover, the lot of gambling involved in the game

Eventually, these are the reasons for the Overwatch Age Rating PEGI rating 12 for Overwatch.

  • Overwatch 2016 Game – Release date

In fact, Overwatch was published on May 24, 2016.

  • Overwatch Age Rating PEGI – Wallpapers and Images

Overwatch Age Rating PEGI 2018 - PC Game Poster Images and Wallpapers
Overwatch Age Rating PEGI 2018 – PC Game Poster Images and Wallpapers
  • Official Trailer of the game Overwatch

Price of the Game?

Legendary Edition

Standard Edition

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