minecraft Age Rating 2018 - PC Game Poster Images and Wallpapers
minecraft Age Rating 2018 - PC Game Poster Images and Wallpapers

Minecraft Age Rating | Explained With Reason

Know what is the ESRB age rating of Minecraft 2011. Minecraft Age Rating UK explained here. Why Minecraft 2011 received this age rating from ESRB? Read the complete information here. Minecraft game age restrictions said by ESRB in the UK, America and overseas. Minecraft Game parental guide. Minecraft ESRB rating 2011. Find Minecraft movie Parental rating review here.

Minecraft Game Overview

Minecraft, a sandbox video game developed by Markus Persson and adopted by Mojang. In fact, the game requires players to build different blocks in the 3D world. Also, they have to travel around the world, gather resources and combat.

Multiple modes are available in the game, where:

  • Survival mode requires its players to gather different resources and build up blocks to maintain their health
  • Creative mode requires its players to use the unlimited resources provided to build up blocks and also the players- given the ability to fly
  • Adventure mode, where players can travel through the other player generated maps in limited functionality
  • Spectator mode, where players can travel through the whole world, but can’t destroy anything or build and also they are prone to gravity and collision
  • Finally, the hardcore mode is much stronger as the player is supported with a single life and his gameplay is fixed to hard.

Initially, the game was first launched on 18 November 2011, later by the end of 2017, the game reportedly had 74 million active players.

Minecraft is compatible with  Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation, Mac OS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, PlayStation Network.

What is the Minecraft Age Rating

The open world game by Mojang, Minecraft Age Rating, is 10+ from ESRB, Entertainment Software Rating Board. The ESRB T Rating suggests that the game is suggestible for children of age above 10. The reason for certifying the game with an age rating of T for Minecraft is the fantasy violence involved in the game and Language.

In fact, the age rating, fixed by ESRB or the Entertainment Software Rating Board. Notably, the ESRB rating certified for American consumers. Moreover, the ESRB rating helps the parents and players informed about the crucial contents of the game before purchasing it. And specifically, the ESRB age rating does not specify the difficulty involved in the game.

Explained Why Minecraft Game Received 10+ Age Rating

    • This game provides an environment for the children to improve their creating thinking
    • Open minded and construction game
    • Collaboration skills are developed on large group based projects in the game
    • Fighting hostile creatures, killing animals and other violence included in fantasy
    • No gore involved and no blood
    • Chatting to other players can be a little risky
    • Bad language, harassment
    • Inappropriate contents

Eventually, these are the reasons for the Minecraft Age Rating UK ESRB rating 10 for Minecraft.

  • Minecraft 2011 Game – Release date

In fact, Minecraft was published on 18 November 2011.

  • Minecraft Age Rating – Wallpapers and Images

minecraft Age Rating 2018 - PC Game Poster Images and Wallpapers
minecraft Age Rating 2018 – PC Game Poster Images and Wallpapers
  • Official Trailer of the game Minecraft

Price of the Game?

JAVA Edition
USD 26.95

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