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All things to be known about the action-adventure manga series One Piece of Netflix. One piece is fans rejoice kind of series, And it is an adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s manga venture. 

This has all ten episodes in it, and the same studio, Tomorrow studios will produce it. Let’s start knowing the fact derails related to One-piece season 1:

This is the most bills stand famous lee recognized manga series ever. As it was making distributed on July 22nd in 1997, it has been an issue of weekly shonen jump 969 chapters of the manga have been published with the 95 volumes, which keeps on increasing. 

This is also known as the highest-selling Mangalore call the time And most grossing franchise too…

Netflix launched multiple seasons of one piece in USA other regions in June 2020, but the movie is only available on Netflix Japan.

What is the story plot of this series:

The story of this series is set on an alternate version of the earth and which is currently in the midst of the golden age of Pirates. There the sea is ruled by ruthless pirates, and only the strongest person can claim the mythical treasure known as One-piece. 

The greatest pirate of them all is Gol D Roger, and after his death, the Payal boy’s name is monkey D Luffy. She has brought up the dream of raising his own group and finding that one piece. And he also wants to declare himself as the king of the pirates or the pirate king.

He eats some devil fruit, and it grants the power to make his body like rubber, giving him agility and strengthening him enormously. 

When Luffy is crossing that age border where he can be able to achieve all of his dreams, then he sets the sail from a Village named Fossa village, in the East Blue, 

From there, his adventurous journey starts, which he has to go through successfully, to become a Pirate King… 

The fruit that Luffy ate, is the Gum-Gum fruit, The Names that are behind the making of this Netflix series:

We have already mentioned that the main production companies behind this series are Tomorrow Studios, 

Then after we are going to acknowledge the showrunner of this series, Steven Maeda. The written staff includes, 

Diego Gutierrez, Matt Owens, Allison Weintraub, Ian Stokes, Laura Jacqmin, Jason Cho, Damani Johnson, and 

Tom Hyndman… 

The first episode of this series is going to be directed by Marc Job at… 

Details about the Production and date of the Release of this series: The production status is on pre-production, which was last updated on September 2021,

Filming will take a little more time because the production is started a little late because of the covid-19 pandemic, If it wasn’t the victim of this global pandemic, it might be viewed as having seen the beginning of the production of this series in the summer of 2020…

Most of the filming is done in cape Town Film studios, and it is already called the space for pirate ships… 

And the production house is involved in making three ships for this show. Finally, on September 3rd, 2021,

Netflix stream media revealed the script of the very first episode of this show, written by Matt Owens and Steven Maeda, and it is entitled “Romance Dawn”.

In September 2021, the cast was gearing up, and in October of the same year, Maeda posted that they had reached Cape Town. And this shows that it is going to show up, definitely not before 2022 completely…

The people in the cast list of this series: Luffy will be of age 17 and is going to be Hispanic/Latino, Zoro will be of age 18 and is going to be Asian, The name will be of age 19 and is going to be any Ethnicity, Usopp will be of age 17 and is going to be a Black, Sanju will be of age 19, and is going to be any Ethnicity, Garp will be of age 55 to 79, and is going to be any Ethnicity, And Koby, having age 16, also belongs to any Ethnicity.

One Piece: Episode 1000 – Official Teaser Trailer

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Some of the trivia details on this Onepiece:

One Piece is the 14 in the ranking of all the upcoming shows of Netflix, Are you looking forward to watching the show on Netflix? 

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