Occupied City Parents Guide
Occupied City Parents Guide

Occupied City information and wiki

Occupied City Parents Guide: Occupied City is an upcoming Documentary, History, War which is directed by Steve McQueen and Written by Bianca Stigter. This Documentary stars Melanie Hyams in the lead role.

TitleOccupied City
Also known asMiasto okupowane
GenreDocumentary, History, War
CountryUnited Kingdom, Netherlands, United States
DirectorSteve McQueen
Release dateDecember 25, 2023
Occupied City Parents Guide
Occupied City Parents Guide 1
Occupied City (2023) 3

Occupied City Age Rating

Occupied City is not officially rated but this is not suitable for kids under 14 as this includes the sexual, violent content. It is the utmost important part that every one of us should go through about the Age ratings of the movie and series, this gives us an overall idea about the contents included in it.

The Age Rating is given to various movies and series which help us to know which movie or series is suitable for which type of age group.

There are so many types of Age rating that are given to movies that Parent decides whether their kids should be allowed their kids to watch documentary or movie or they should not.

Occupied City Parents Guide

Parent’s Guide is the most important thing that Guide the kids on what to do next or what not to do. Kids are too young to judge anything about what is better for them or what is not, so it this full parents’s Duty to get known by the contents which their kids will watch.

Kids are very innocent and they are not that mature so they can make decisions about what is good for them.

Everybody’s maturity level is not the same, all of us take everything in a very different way, Kids when are at their development stage should watch only those things which will lead positive impacts on them not any negative impacts.


This Documentary shows two boys fighting with each other and it also shows that some people were violently behaving. Some people were running after one another which also shows some violent features.

Sexual Content

This Documentary also includes some sexual content such as it was shown that two people were found kissing each other which will definitely have a bad impact on kids under 14.

Parents Consideration

Parents are the only one who thinks for the benefit of their kids. They are always present for them. Parents should accompany their kids while doing anything this will not only create good connectivity.

It will also let Parents know about the development stage of kids as they will ask questions when they will be watching the movie and what they understood from that movie.

Parents should always know about the content of the movie or documentary before their kids watch anything because anything can affect them and it may not be good for their developing stage or their mindset.

In the above article, there were some points about the Documentary that will help you make a decision about whether this documentary will be appropriate or not.

Other Details

Other Details about the Documentary are given below such as the release date, storyline, and cast members included in it.

When will Occupied City be released?

This Documentary is going to be released on 25 December 2023 by A24.

What is the story about?

This Documentary is about the past war history of the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam which was the journey from World War II till now which is the pandemic and protest in today’s memory and get to know about what to come next.

Who is in the cast?

This Documentary ‘Occupied City’ casts Melanie Hyams as the Narrator.

Official Trailer

Occupied City | Official Trailer HD | A24
Occupied City Parents Guide


Occupied City Parents Guide: Occupied City is not officially rated but this is not good for kids under 14 because of the violent, sexual content used in it. Through this article, you will be getting knowledge about whether this documentary will be okay for kids or not especially for those who are under 14.

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