A Wicked Breed Parent Guide
A Wicked Breed Parent Guide

A Wicked Breed information and wiki

A Wicked Breed Parent Guide: A Wicked Breed is an upcoming horror movie that is directed by Derek Talib and casts Sandra Wicked, and Will Macdonald.

TitleA Wicked Breed
CountryUnited States
DirectorDerek Talib
Release dateOctober 31, 2023
Central Ohio ProductionsCentral Ohio Producations
A Wicked Breed Parent Guide
A Wicked Breed Parent Guide
A Wicked Breed Parent Guide

A Wicked Breed Age Rating

A Wicked Breed is not officially rated but it is not appropriate for kids under 18 as it has so much mature content such as violence, and horror scenes.

It is also recommended that all of us be notified about the Age Rating so that we can get an overall idea about the movie.

With the help of Age Rating, we decide which movie is suitable for which age group. Age Ratings are of many types which divide the movie according to the contents that are being included in it.

There are so many types of Age ratings that are given to any movie or series as some movies or series are not suitable for kids under 7, some are not appropriate for kids under 13, and some of them are not suitable for kids under 18, so these are the Age Rating which helps us to take a decision about which movie is appropriate or not appropriate.

A Wicked Breed Parent Guide

Parents’ Guide is the most important thing that helps us to determine anything for their kids and thus it is also important as it guides the kids on what next step is to be taken.

Kids follow the path which is been told by their parents so this is the Parents’ duty to guide their kids properly. Everybody’s maturity level is different and every kid takes everything in a very different way.

This is the Parents’ duty to go through what is appropriate for their kids and what is best for their kids which will take their kids in a a good direction.

Parents should not only know the details about any movie or series although they should also be well know about their intellectual development stage.

Through the point written below Parents can get an idea about what the film is going to be.

Scary scenes

A woman was shown who was behaving abnormally and one spirit was also possessing her very fearful body. A normal woman was shown there and suddenly her eyes changed into red color.


Violence is also shown as there was a man who was shooting somebody. A woman was also shown with some brief injuries and she was being followed by a man who was carrying a gun in his hand.

Parents Consideration

Parents are strongly advised not to show this movie to kids without their permission because this movie contains content that is not appropriate for the kids and if they watch this movie alone, they may get a bad impact.

Parents’ interference in kids’ lives is the utmost thing and it can’t be underestimated because there are so many aspects that Parents should notice and they should also tell their kids about that.

Parents should actively accompany their kids while watching this movie because this will not only lead to good connectivity.

It will create a good understanding level and also encourage kids to know more about what’s good for them and what is not good for them.

Other Details

The other information regarding the movie such as the release date, storyline, and cast members about the movie is given below.

When A Wicked Breed is being released

This movie is being released on October 31, 2023, on 171 Movies.

What is the story about?

This is the story about the serial kill family which follows the couple which leads to such abnormal activities in a house with supernatural powers.

A gas station was being used by two brothers as their personal hunting ground for travelers who came across that place. The oldest brother’s girlfriend whose name is Daisy suddenly experiences happiness in the place.

This became bad to worse when they found themselves trapped in a house in which an experiment was done on a woman at the house of Dr. Emil Rose. They had to now suffer from the curse of the spirits which is going to be very difficult for them.

Who is in the cast?

A Wicked Breed includes great cast members such as Phyllis Spielman performing the role of Rachel Rose, Derek Tabil performing David Bond and Jose W. Byers performing Reaper.

Official Trailer

A Wicked Breed 2023 | Official Trailer #wicked #officialtrailer
A Wicked Breed Parent Guide


A Wicked Breed Parent Guide: A Wicked Breed is not officially rated but this is not appropriate under 18 as it contains violence with horror content.

Through this article, you will get deep knowledge about the movie and then it will be easier for the parents to decide whether this Movie is okay for the kids or not.

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