No time to die Release Date, Cast, Trailer Breakdown, Budget
No time to die Release Date, Cast, Trailer Breakdown, Budget
No time to die Release Date, Cast, Trailer Breakdown, Budget
No time to die Release Date, Cast, Trailer Breakdown, Budget

No time to die Release Date, Cast, Trailer Breakdown, Budget

No Time To Die is a forthcoming spy film, and it is the 25th addition in the James Bond series. It will be produced by oil production and the main star of the film will be “Daniel Craig”. Cary Joji Fukunaga directs this movie.

The screenplay is done by Neil Purvis, Joji Fukunaga, Robert wade, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Michael G Wilson and Barbara broccoli do the production.

The stars in the movie-

  • Daniel Craig is playing the role of “James Bond”- He is a former m16 agent who was also known as 007 during his service days.
  • Rami Malek as Lystifer Saffin, Lea Seydoux as doctor Madeleine Swann, Hashana Lynch as Naomi, Ben Whishaw as Q,  Naomi Harris as Eve Money Penny, Jeffery Wright as Felix Leiter, Christoph Waltz as Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Ralph Fitness as M, Ana de Armas às Paloma, David Dencik as Valdo Obruchev, Billy Magnussen as Logan Ash.

Linus Sandgren does the cinematography, And it is edited by Eliot Graham and Tom cross, The film’s music is by Hans Zimmer.

The production company involved –Mitron Goldwyn- Mayer, Eon productions. The movie is distributed by United artists releasing (North America )and by Universal Pictures, internationally. The running time of the movie is 163 minutes. The countries of the original are the United Kingdom and the United States, and the language of the film is English.

No Time To Die Film Budget

  • The Net Budget will be around 250 to 301 million dollars.

About the production and the development of this movie: Development of this movie is started in 2016, and in 2017 March, Neil Purvis and Robert wade were approached to write the script by the producers, and after that, they agreed to do the scripting of the movie in 2018 February, Danny Boyle was decided as the Director of the movie.

Then the conflict between the producers and Boyle came into the news, and after that, he left the team. The new Director that came into consideration is “Joji Fukunaga,” And he is finalized too. When the new Director came, he changed some of the movie’s concepts; then, after all of that, the film finally went on the floor for production.

About the release of the film No Time To Die 

The distribution rights were bought by Sony Pictures first and also with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Eon Productions.

The first decided release date was November 2019 but delayed due to covid-19, and now the final release date of the movie is September 30, 2021, for the United Kingdom and September 28 September 2021 at Royal Albert Hall,(worldwide), and October 8, 2021, in the US… 

Trailer breakdown of “No time to die”:

YouTube video player

The trailer suggests that this movie is the final chapter of the arc, and it is all set to be released soon. According to the plot, Craig is the usual suspects of M, Moneypenny, Q, Felix, some newcomers like Lashana Lynch, Ana de Armas, And Rami Malek’s Safin will be holding the villainous ending in.” No time to die “… 

The footage shows that Bond retired from active duty, and he is irritated by the betrayal of Madeliene, It is also showing a glimpse of Blofeld’s big secret revelation.

The final trailer is started with a montage of clips and soundbites from Daniel Craig’s previous films, Scenes from Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and the Skyfall and Spectre reels revealed, No time to die is the finale of its previous five-part series, and it shows a sense of legacy to “James Bond.”

This movie’s plot is like the other James Bond movies, following the Detective investigation theme of previous James Bond ventures.

No Time To Die has all the Charm that any viewer ever wanted.

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