Night Teeth Story Plot, Release Date, Cast, Trailer | 2021
Night Teeth Story Plot, Release Date, Cast, Trailer | 2021

This upcoming film is Youth centric drama film set on the themes of mystery, thriller, love, betrayal, danger, And Deadly instincts… 

Night Teeth Cast and crew:

This term is going to be directed by “Adam Randall,” And written by “Brent Dillon.”

The actual cast is-

  • Sydney as Eva, Megan Fox, Alexander Ludwig, Alfie Allen, Debby Ryan, Lucy Fry as Zoe, Raul Castillo as Jay, Jorge Lendenberg jr, Bryan Batt, Marlene Forte as Abuela, Ash Santos as Maria, Hunter Burke as Daniel, Martin Bats as Kaleb, Patrice E. Jone as a vampire, Joseph bishop as chain blood Donor, CG lewis as Jimmy, Jaren Mitchell as Tad, Robert Lariviere as a professor, Sydney well as Sydney, Lee Coc as Andre, Nandy Martin as Brittany, and a few more new faces and uncredited characters were also on the board… 

The producer’s guild- Adam folk, Vincent Gatewood, Fiona Walsh Heinz, Terry Leonard, Charlie Morrison, Ben Pugh, Robert Shaye, Erica Steinberg

Music is by Drum and lace and Ian Hultquist. Cinematography credits go to “Eben b Bolter”

There are lots of people behind making the show, and around 11 makeup artists are there to create the frightening look of the actors… 

Night Teeth Release Date

The film is going to appear on screens from October 20, 2021, On its release date… 

Night Teeth story plot:

A college student, Moonlight, pickup two mysterious women for a night fun party in Los Angeles then both the women’s. Un cover as they are bloodthirsty creatures then he must have to do something to save himself, To earn some extra money, a weird college student Benny Moonlight works as a chauffeur for one night, and his work is to drive the two mysterious ladies to a night party.

The women’s were beautiful and hot but after all of the Charm, Benny soon Learns that something is very fishy with these ladies, But now it is very late to realize what has just happened with him, and he is trapped or stuck between the blood-sucking vampires, But he gets his brother’s help to get rid of all of them, and his brother also does many tricks and things to put them back in their shadows, At last, Beni has to choose between the temptations, fear, and the power or the humanity, Will you want to live or join the vampire’s tribe… 

Night Teeth Story Plot, Release Date, Cast, Trailer | 2021
Night Teeth Story Plot, Release Date, Cast, Trailer | 2021

The storyline is very Interesting, a vampire movie or any venture related to them has high chances of becoming popular among fans and especially the youth because everyone wants to see something different and out of the world, and vampires life is full of that shit only… The dominating generosity in the movie where crime, drama, action, thriller, mystery, Etc… 

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This Netflix movie has everything that a film needs to be a hit or superhit venture, Shows like other fans of the dark world I am also very excited for this movie, This will be a great addition to the list of vampire movies.


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