Netflix’s Tiger King Doc Antle is arrested by FBI (TV NEWS)
Netflix’s Tiger King Doc Antle is arrested by FBI (TV NEWS)

Bhagavan “Doc” Antle, who was featured on the first season of Netflix’s Tiger King was arrested by the FBI. The reasons for his arrest are not disclosed.

Antle was a magician before he founded his first private zoo, and now owns and runs Myrtle Beach Safari which includes big cats and other endangered species.

Bhagavan Antle was charged in Virginia with 2 felony counts related to wildlife trafficking in 2020. He has also allegations about inappropriate relationships with minors. He was further accused of operating a cult at his Myrtle Beach business. Antle denies the claims.

Antle was hired as an animal expert on films like Dr. Dolittle and he provides animals for movies such as Mighty Joe Young, The Jungle Book, and The Jungle Book 2. Antle is also assigned as a “principle animal trainer” on the Ace Ventura films.

After his period on Season 1 of Tiger King, he became the topic of Netflix’s Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story, released in 2021.

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