Everything we know about Netflix Anime Movie Drifting Home
Everything we know about Netflix Anime Movie Drifting Home
Everything we know about Netflix Anime Movie Drifting Home
Everything we know about Netflix Anime Drifting Home

 All about the upcoming season 1st of “Drifting Home”:

This will be animated fiction, and the story is about two childhood friends drifting into a sea full of mysteries, which is a housing complex entirely… 

Netflix Anime Movie Drifting Home Release Date

An exact release date hasn’t been given by Netflix, but the film is expected to be released somewhere in 2022…

Hiroyasu Ishida directs this one, And it is written by Hiroyasu Ishida, Hayashi Mori, Minaka Sakamoto

The original language is Japanese will be dubbed in English and the film will also call as “Ngoi Nha Troi Dat.” It’s another presentation by studio colorado, and this anime will appear on ‘Netflix’ in 2022…The genres of the film are Animation, Adventure, FamilyFantasy.

It is an original Japanese animated film, presented in animated form. As directed by Hiroyasu Ishida, Ishida is known because of previous works like “Penguin Highway” and Fumiko’s confession.

“Drifting Home” is the third on the list in the moves produced by this studio. Its exact date is not revealed or given by the streaming media. We only know that it will appear in 2022, most likely to release in early spring of 2022…This will also release in the theatres in Japan next year… 

The actual plot of Netflix Anime Drifting Home

On a summer day, having warm weather, Kosuke and his dear friends were visiting an Apartment that is abundant by all and that building is ready for demolition, What ko 2K and his group of friends find themselves at the peak of strange things happening and to be happening. As they all find themselves stuck in an endless ocean and Kosuke and his friends have to find Their way to their home, respectively. The voice cast is still not revealed…

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The Netflix film producer is Kohei Yamamoto, and Umitaro Abe will be the soundtrack… 

That’s all for now, Stay tuned to this website for more updates… 


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