Netflix 2022 is ready with its upcoming movies list

Netflix revealed that in 2022 they are about to release 61 movies in the English language along with 17 live-action in some other language, 5 animated and 3 anime films.  

In the current scenario where going to theatre looks more like a risk than enjoyment, Netflix has come up with all the movies that are lined up for 2022. This list has everything for every kind of audience providing them with a lot of option

Netflix 2022 has got a lot of things for the audience

The audience looks quite interested in ” the Grey Man” from the house of “Avengers – Endgame. Along with that big stars like Jenifer Lopez, Ryan Reynolds, Charlize Theron are also ready with their respective projects.

Netflix 2022 is ready with its upcoming movies list
Netflix 2022 is ready with its upcoming movies list

This list was revealed on Thursday and after this list, Netflix is expecting to increase its subscriber base to a great extent by next year as this list has a good number of big movies like “SPIDERHEAD”, “YOU PEOPLE”. Other than that the list also has some names of animated movies like  Guillermo, Pinocchio, Wendell, and Wild – an animated movie based on two evil brothers. Netflix is also ready with some of the 3 anime movies and at the same time 17 live-action movies also.

The film “BLONDE” directed by Andrew Dominik, featuring Ana de Armas was in the making from 2010 and now it is finally set to stream on Netflix in the year 2022.

Netflix 2022 official declaration

Netflix released this list in February just after the official declaration of the Academy Award.

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