‘Money Heist: Korea’ Trailer Breakdown: Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area is all set to put a spin on the popular Netflix series. The first part of the series was launched on June 24. Just one month before the debut, a new trailer has been released by the makers that looks very much promising.

‘Money Heist: Korea’ Trailer Breakdown

The new trailer of Money Heist: Korea provides a look at the dispute that resulted in the unification of the Koreas and also resulted in the manufacturing of a new united currency for the new economic union.
Coming two countries on the same page will be beneficial for both the countries is what everyone thought. However, the result did not come out as expected.

The two-nation coming together resulted in the financial suffering of common people. By this, the rich continued to get richer and the poor were forced to struggle more. When the gang of criminals realized that they have nothing to lose now, they made a plan to pull off one big-money heist with them wearing the familiar red jumpsuits.

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