Mister Creep Parents Guide. Mister Creep Age Rating (2022)

Mister Creep Parents Guide

Distributor Bitmax has brought a very scary movie Mister Creep is based on 2022 American found footage. This horror movie is directed and written by Isaac Rodriguez. The producers of Mister creep movie is Cynthia Bergen and Isaac Rodriguez.

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Mister Creep Release Date

Mister Creep is set to be released on December 5, 2022. Before the release of the Mister Creep movie, its poster, official images, and trailer have been released, now soon this movie will also be released in the coming December, but watch out a movie that follows a scary footage.

Mister Creep Parents Guide. Mister Creep Age Rating (2022)
Mister Creep Parents Guide. Mister Creep Age Rating (2022)
NameMister Creep
Director Isaac Rodriguez
WriterIsaac Rodriguez
Release DateDecember 5, 2022 (United States)
Production CompanySilent Raven Films
CountryUnited States

Overview/ Synopsis

Here are the three college students who find a lost television broadcast of a serial killer, The serial killer is dead but the three students search the location through the footage and find a very sinister-looking face mask, the cover by which almost hundreds of people were killed.

What is the Age Rating of Mister Creep?

Mister Creep is Not Rated Yet, But There is Contains some inappropriate content that may not be suitable for children under 17 years of age, and may scare younger children. It is based on the story of a scary serial killer which depicts some criminal antics here so kids can learn criminal activities from it.

Read Here Mister Creep Parents guide

A liquefied horror mask could scare children and cause children to have nightmares.
The story of a serial killer and multiple deaths are mentioned here as well as the skeletons of hundreds of people are shown in its trailer.
Bandaged people are shown here and the mask can be found near each corpse.
A man is lying bleeding from the mouth and suddenly a bloodied hand is shown opening the car as a student gets into the car.
Criminal activities and death scenes are present in this movie.

Wallpaper and images

Mister Creep Parents Guide. Mister Creep Age Rating (2022)

Know about the Mister Creep Cast

  • Thomas Burke as Dave
  • Ali Alkhafaji as John
  • Amber Lee Solis as Beth
  • Marvin Ritchie as Detective Jones
  • Shaela Payne as Val

Here is the Trailer of Mister Creep

Mister Creep - Official Trailer (2022) Thomas Burke, Ali Alkhafaji

What’s in the trailer for Mr. Creep

Here is a horror footage shown which shows a college incident, its trier is very dangerous, in which you will see a scary face. Here is the investigation of a serial killer who is killing many people.

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