Miranda's Victim Parents Guide
Miranda's Victim Parents Guide

Miranda’s Victim Parents Guide

Miranda’s Victim is a 2023 American biographical crime drama film which is directed by Michelle Danner and the story is by George Kolber, Richard Lasser, and J. Craig Stiles.

The film is based on the life of Patricia “Trish” Weir, who was kidnapped and raped by Ernesto Miranda in the year 1963.

It stars Abigail Breslin, Luke Wilson, Kyle MacLachlan, Ryan Phillipe, Mireille Enos, Emily VanCamp, Andy Garcia, and Donald Sutherland.

Miranda's Victim Parents Guide
Miranda’s Victim Parents Guide
NameMiranda’s Victim
Genrebiographical crime drama
Release DateOctober 6, 2023
CountryUnited States
DistributorVertical Entertainment
Miranda’s Victim Parents Guide

What is the age rating of Miranda’s Victim?

The biographical crime film, Miranda’s Victim is not officially rated but it is not suitable for kids as the film is about Patricia “Trish” Weir, who was kidnapped and raped by Ernesto Miranda.

It may contain scenes of kidnapping and raping, so it should be viewed by the kids who are 14 and up.

Age Ratings give guidance to parents to help them decide whether a particular product is appropriate for their kids or not.

Miranda’s VictimParents Guide

Some sexual content
Consumption of alcohol
Smoking scenes
Miranda’s Victim Parents Guide

What is the story about?

The story film is focused on a eighteen-year-old Patricia Weir who is kidnapped and raped in 1963. Determined to put her attacker, Ernesto Miranda, in lockup, Trish’s life is destroyed by America’s legal system as she enacts a law that changes the country.

What is the release date of Miranda’s Victim?

Miranda’s Victim will hit limited theaters on Oct 6, 2023, by Vertical Entertainment.

Miranda’s Victim Wallpaper and Images

Miranda's Victim Parents Guide
Miranda’s Victim Wallpaper and Images

Who is in the cast of Miranda’s Victim?

The main cast includes:

  • Abigail Breslin as Trish Weir
  • Luke Wilson as Lawrence Turoff
  • Andy García as Alvin Moore
  • Donald Sutherland as Judge Laurance T. Wren
  • Ryan Phillippe as John J. Flynn
  • Kyle MacLachlan as Chief Justice Earl Warren
  • Mireille Enos as Zeola
  • Taryn Manning as Twila Hoffman
  • Emily VanCamp as Ann Weir
  • Sebastian Quinn as Ernesto Miranda
  • Enrique Murciano as Detective Cooley
  • Brent Sexton as Sergeant Nealis
  • Josh Bowman as Charles

Is there any trailer for Miranda’s Victim?

Yes, you can watch the trailer below:

Miranda's Victim Trailer #1 (2023)
Miranda’s Victim Parents Guide

Miranda’s Victim Trailer Explained

The new trailer was released on 18, September 2023 and tells the story of true events, Patricia “Trish” Weir, who was kidnapped and sexually assaulted in 1963 at the age of 18.

Her attacker was caught and confessed, but when his confession was overturned two years later, Trish had to stand up for herself once again.

Ratings are not designed to tell whether the film, series, or book is appropriate or inappropriate. Ratings are designed to say what kind of content is included in the movie, book, or series to give parents a chance to make informed decisions on what they are allowing their children to watch or read.

The age rating is fixed by the MPAA ( Motion Picture Association of America Film Rating System), BBFC (British Board of Film Classification), and Commons Sense, TV Parental Guidelines (A television content rating system in the United States).

Miranda's Victim
Mirandas Victim Parents Guide

Director: Michelle Danner

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