MIR4 Review and Characters Detail | 2021 Video Game
MIR4 Review and Characters Detail | 2021 Video Game
MIR4 Review and Characters Detail | 2021 Video Game
MIR4 Review and Characters Detail | 2021 Video Game

MIR4 Video Game Overview, Review, and Characters

MIR4 is a free-to-play open-world Asian-fantasy MMORPG that can be cross-played on both PC and mobile devices. MIR4 is full of action and features numerous large-scale clan PVP battles. Join now and become a legend. Wemade Next are the developers of this game, and WeMade published this game.

MIR4 was released on August 25, 2021. This game is the beginning of experiencing the adventure into the open world of MIR and buy this game, and you will start your adventure.

You can Capture the Hidden Valley and collect taxes on profits from the territory, set a bounty on a foe, and get assistance from allies to hunt down your enemy. Start the game, join a 50 player raid, get some rare loot, declare war on enemy clans, and participate in castle sieges. There is so much content that all contribute to your character’s growth in the world of MIR. Whatever you choose, your story will always remain legendary by all means.

MIR4 game is apparently in one of those worlds game that is easily getting popularity. They are repeating the mechanics of its previous games, that is Mir4, which is very much based on Mir2 and Mir3, and these are the games we played in our younger ages. But somehow, it managed to win hearts. That’s why this game is getting more and more popular with each passing day.

Despite the many negative reviews on Steam and mobile devices, the game’s popularity is being driven by the fact that players can mine for cryptocurrency as they play, according to a PCGames review by Dustin Bailey. Those tokens, in turn, can be exchanged for dollars to spend in the real world.

On one hand, its players can collect utility tokens called DRACO, which can be exchanged for an in-game resource called ‘Darksteel.’

On the other hand, players can mine for Darksteel as they complete tasks and spend more time in the game. Once a player has collected enough Darksteel, it can be turned into DRACO. “DRACO is a coin with a new concept to allow in-game assets to be freely exchanged, stored, sold, and purchased outside of the game. “

MIR4 Review

MIR4 game is an MMORPG from Korean developer Wemade. Which was launched on Steam and mobile devices on August 25, and despite having a lot of negative reviews, it is still seeing massive player growth. The unique systems this game offers and unravels.

MIR4 Review and Characters Detail 2021 Video Game
MIR4 Review and Characters Detail 2021 Video Game

Let’s take a look at its review and the reason for its rapidly growing popularity.

MMORPG system of this game is what stands it in the similarity of an “idle game.” In MIR4, players can choose between four different classes as per their choices and throw themselves into battle against monsters and other players. The basic ingredients for an action-packed game are here. You will fight by using skills and dodging attacks and can dash and double jump your way around the map.

On the other hand, the quests can be advanced automatically if you click on icons, making your character battle or gather materials. It’s essentially a system similar to an “idle game,” and that doesn’t require much intervention from the player to progress in the game.

But we can say that it also seems like the elements of combat, gathering, and quest advancement being automated aren’t especially rare for an MMORPG.

If you are playing this game on mobile especially, then games with these kinds of mechanics are too numerous to count, so it’s hard to think that the game is popular for only its automated elements.

This game has a low review score, but it has a high player count- There are many negative reviews in the gaming world about this game, but this game somehow manages to gain all the popularity of 2021 as a video game. You’ll see several complaints that the game is boring and plays itself, but as of this writing (August 31, 2021),” MIR4 is sitting at a 36% positive rating, or a “mostly negative” evaluation. However, the game has also peaked over 20,000 current players and is trending upward.”

The actual reason for this contradiction might be a certain unique feature of the game that it has implemented this time. There is a 50% difference between the positive and the negative reviews of this game, But it is being talked about the popularity of this game and the players liking it and playing it randomly, and then this will give 100 out of 100 points.

Another reason for the popularity of this game might be that it has the facility of Mine in-game currency to earn real-world cryptocurrency- This game uses blockchain technology, and players’ actions in the game can earn them cryptocurrency outside of the game.

You will find it in the game that this game is an item called Darksteel which can be “refined” into DRACO, a utility coin being promoted by Wemade. As per my knowledge about it, 1 DRACO is worth approximately $1.76. It is the rate and number of Darksteel needed to refine, but it fluctuates daily.

According to the policy of this game, DRACO can be converted into Wemade’s WEMIX Token, which can be used on cryptocurrency exchanges like Bithumb and BiKi. In other words, getting Darksteel in the game is connected to getting real-world cryptocurrency.

There are so many ways to acquire DarkSteel as the currency, and the main method of this is to literally “mine” for it. In other words, it’s an effort to make in-game mining count towards items that can be converted into real-world assets.

While each Darksteel mining spot has multiple veins, the same vein can’t be mined by multiple players. It is the main reason you see players attacking others to take their spot while they’re mining. These fierce mining battles only seem to be like they will get more intense by the time.

It is revealed from the press release of Wemade on August 25 highlights forming clans and battling over the Darksteel producing Hidden Valleys as an element of the game. As they are trying to introduce cryptocurrency as an incentive for players to battle in the game is interesting, it’s hard not to be apprehensive about the kinds of battles that could take place.

The publisher and developer guild we made has also planned and created NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology to the game where items bought with DRACO will become an NFT.

In a very simple way, the items will have a certificate of ownership in a sense.

An avatar purchased by a player would be unique, and the player would own it. It will also be possible for players to buy and sell their avatars on a platform Wemade is launching in September.

We can also say that that the main attraction of this game, MIR 4, is that the players are attracted to this game because of MIR4 aspects of being an MMO that you let sit as it earns cryptocurrency by giving them the token incentive, this game also increases player competition by connecting it to real-world assets.

But I believe that the actual reason for the popularity of this game is what the popular saying says, Money matters the most.

On the other hand, this game comes with the risk of addiction, and it kind of acts like a bet you can win and even lose a lot of money.  

Another saying is that money is the root of all evil, so there is some worry about what kind of trouble could arise between players. This game also has the facility of the global chat, and it acted like an all-over world trading platform and was constantly full of what looked like RMT (real money trading) messages. And as a word of caution, the game also has many clans expressing things that were racist and xenophobic.

What is the overall review of this game is worth playing. That’s why it’s getting the rule over the bus of the gaming world, and it will be interesting to see how things develop with Wemade’s MIR4 from here. For better or worse, The title of the game is very eye-catching. This game is currently available on Steam and iOS/Android. And on all the available platforms.

MIR4 Characters

This MIR4 character tier list will help the players to choose according to what type of gameplay they want to play.


The Warrior is a sturdy armored tank That leads the battle, and it is the best suitable character for beginner players. They can choose this blindly. This tanker is dedicated to players who want to progress fast in the game, take a lot of hits, and damage enemies by wielding his heavy greatsword. Another useful side of this character is his passive farming ability.

  • Role of Warrior is of Tanker.
  • The point of this character is as follows- It has a High defense stat. This is very friendly to use by beginners. It has the Best CC (crowd-control). This character is a great choice for passive farming/ offline farming.
  • Cons of this character- It has an average damage rate, Usefulness: PvE, Clan Wars


It is the character of a true fighter who is massively dangerous with the spear he holds. Lancer is the character of a front liner that breaks enemy formation while tearing them apart. Lancer has the best damage rate of any other class. He is a melee DPS, but it has a decent range of attack. If a player wants to go solo, Lancer is the only option left for that. Lancer is playing the role of  Melee DPS

  • Plus point of this character- It has a High Damage rate. It is a Decent Range. Its Great CC skills and debuffs are awesome. The attacks are Balance attack
  • Cons of Lancer – It has Less durability. The Usefulness is PvP, Solo farming


Taoist is the character of a great swordswoman who seeks justice. Her melee attacks are unavoidable because they are superb by any means, and she loves to hunt enemies from close with her physical and spell damage capability. Taoists are extraordinary in covering teammates if they play in the group. A great healer who’s always admired by her all her teammates. She is in a Supporting role.

  • Plus point of the character- She has High CC. She is Gavin Great melee and spells damage. She has Fast healing capabilities.
  • The con about this character- She has Less durable. The usefulness of Taoist Raid, Boss raid, Clan wars.


The Sorcerer is MIR4’s character of the only wizard, and he is extremely dangerous if he falls into clever hands. The mechanics of this character is a bit tricky to use as it has comparatively low defense ability in exchange for higher damaging AoE and single-target spells. But it Can take down a pack singlehandedly, but it is more useful when backed by her allies.

MIR 4 Official Trailer

YouTube video player

Official website: mir4global.com

MIR4 deserves one chance, So what are you waiting for? go and enjoy the gameplay. That’s all for now, Stay updated with this website for more such information.

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